Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Did you hear....?

Hines and Kym won DWTS!

Woop, woop!

'Dancing With the Stars'/ABC

I won't lie, I was surprised Kirstie came in second, she's got some pretty devoted fans!

I wanted to share that I'm OFFICIALLY a member of the Adirondack Mountain Club (finally).  I signed up for it a month ago and got my membership package in the mail yesterday.  I was so excited!

Now I feel like I can reach out and participate in the outings, although it seems like a lot of them in the next few weekends are all High Peaks, which although I want to start on that this summer...I'm NOT ready to start yet.  This weekend however we'll be hiking Goodnow Mountain, which will be my first hike of the season and...a fire tower!!  My favorite!  This is a picture of a fire tower from last summer, Hadley Mountain:

So I can't wait to start doing outings and volunteering for the organization.  Also, see that Ididaride pamphlet?  That's for a 75 mile bike ride in Indian Lake.  Not sure if I could do the 75 miles, but I know for sure I can do the smaller 20 mile option. There are a couple of things holding be back though: I don't want to be laughed out of the ride because of my $150 KMart bike and it's kind of expensive to we'll see.  It's in August.

My diet is going really well right now, I think I've gotten a second wind if you will!  Today I did day 2 of the C25K program.  I took Monday and Tuesday off because I was BEAT.  Today was a LITTLE rough, but I pushed myself through.  Food wise...I've discovered what allows me to stay full and satisfied throughout the WHOLE DAY:

Yes.  Eggs and bacon.  Two eggs and two slices of bacon come in at 210 calories.  And yes!  I've actually been cooking it each morning!  It's the perfect breakfast, I could pretty much eat it every morning for the rest of my life, although I'm not sure it would be good when considering cholesterol numbers.  And look how perfect those eggs are!  I bought myself a fancy new frying pan (I have cheap crappy cookware) so each day my breakfast comes out perfect.  This seriously holds me beyond lunch time, but I have been having a banana around noon and then having a lean budget gourmet and small salad for lunch around 1ish.  It's working out really well.  I've also been allotting calories for my favorite bike treat...

Yes, I always get a kiddie twist, :)  After I did my wogging (I guess is the proper term?) I came home and ate dinner, then decided to go for a quick bike ride to get my ice cream.  This isn't my FAVORITE ice cream shop by any means (although I did have that last night), but it's close by.  About two miles round trip.

Oh btw, dinner today was spent like this...

That would be me, on my laptop, in my bathroom with my dinner on my knee.  Why you ask?  Well when I was walking back home I noticed the little baggies of Jesus papers on people's doors.  When I was cooking dinner, I saw the Jesus people across the street and I KNOW they saw me.  I wasn't in the mood to chat today, I really just wanted to eat my dinner in peace.  

So I quickly shut the door, locked it, grabbed my dinner and ran into my bathroom.  See my living room doesn't work because well...there's a door there and my bedroom wasn't an option because I don't have a working outlet in there (don't ask).  So...the bathroom it was.  DO NOT JUDGE ME.

I'm spent!  I feel like I'm way behind on my sleep because of DWTS, The Bachelorette and sleep overs.  I'm normally in bed by 9:30-10:00 (yes, you can start the old lady comments now) and the past few days I've been hitting the sack around 11:30-12:00.  So I'm off to visit my pillows now!  I hope everyone is enjoying their evening!


stephanie said...

ahaha I love that you hid in your bathroom from the Jesus people! that just makes my day!

Lourie said...

On Saturday, our doorbell rang and my son it was a boy and a girl. It took me a second, but I figured it out. hahaha. Maybe next time I will I will hide out. ;)

Stacie said...

They are not my fave, but when I eat egg whites for breakfast, they do last me a long time.

OK, here is the real trick to the Jesus people, if they are the Jesus people that I think you are talking about, my husband, who is a pastor, always answers the door with a Bible in his hand, they feel a debate coming on and quickly leave. After about 3 times of this in our current house, I think we got flagged and put on some sort of blackball list and they don't come anymore!

Connie said...

LOL!! You hid from the Jesus people in your bathroom!! I love you!

I love eating eggs for breakfast. If you want a break from the bacon...try eating your eggs with some black beans. So good!

Brandy@YDK said...

you are cracking me up today. i can't believe you hid in the bathroom. pure awesome.