Thursday, September 22, 2011

Bloggy Awards

So over the past month or so, I’ve been given SEVERAL bloggy awards!  I’ve decided I need to bite the bullet and complete my tasks at hand and more importantly show recognition to the great bloggy friends that awarded me and then pass the awards on!
This is in no particular order:

The Versatile Blogger Award!
versatile blogger
I was given this award by TWO of my favorite bloggers.
Jill is a super sweet Canadian chick who cracks me up with her “Single Girl Files” posts and is doing a really great job with her bride’s maid dress diet.  Go on over and root her on, just ignore the fact that she occasionally posts about this gross bologna and macaroni and cheese meat and POUTINE.  GROSS!!

Steph is also a super sweet girl.  Sometimes I think she’s a little too hard on herself, but I think we all are from time to time.  She’s gorgeous and she’s addicted to Monster energy drinks.  She just started a new job, so go on over and root her on too!

One Lovely Blog Award!

This was given to me by Nay.  This particular award was a surprise because I hadn’t been following Nay!  I’m shocked to think that there are people out there reading my blog, who I haven’t reached out and grown a friendship with.  Needless to say I was so excited to get this because it gave me a new bloggy friend.  In general I’ve had a lot of new visitors lately and I’m thrilled with it!  Anyway, I’ve been reading Nay’s blog lately and she’s a doll, so go on over and say hello.

The Liebster Award!

My friend over at Fat In Suburbia handed me this.  She’s currently going through a weight loss journey and although she ALSO can be hard on herself, I think she does a really great job of staying focused and keeping herself in touch with her goals and is a great inspiration to myself and others.

Ok so, there’s a lot of rules to these awards.  The first two require you to post seven random things about yourself, so here it goes!

1) My most favorite actor and biggest celebrity crush is Jake Gyllenhaal.  I mean, look at this smile:
Jake Gyllenhaal
He’s gorgeous.  ‘Nuff said.

2) I LOVE moose.  And penguins.  And cats.  But mostly moose.  This weekend I’m attending The Great Adirondack Moose Festival.   Ooooooohhhhhyeaaaaaa

3) I only ever check Facebook on my phone.  Seriously.  And the only reason why I EVER check Facebook is because there’s an alert telling me there’s something I need to check.  I’m not a fan of Facebook, I mostly use it for information on my interests and area businesses.

4) I don’t like wine.  Everyone I know loves it and sips it nightly – I can’t do it.  The most I do with wine is wine tasting at a store, I will usually buy some cheese or something from the store other than the wine.  It’s gross, what can I say?  I’d rather have a beer.

5) I tend to get onto one song and listen to it a million times and then get totally sick of it.  Like I’ll actually burn a CD with a few songs so that I can listen to that ONE song over and over again in my car.  Right now it’s “Save Me San Francisco” by Train.

6) I’m a museum/tourist attraction junkie.  Even if it’s an attraction I’ve been to multiple times before, or it’s something in my own area.  I can’t help it, I probably should’ve went to school to be a museum curator or something along those lines.  This weekend I’m hoping to go to one of my favorite museums, this will be like my 5th time visiting this museum in my life.

7) I made the most amazing macaroni and cheese on Sunday.  If you don’t already know, I don’t cook.  I mean, I FIX meals, but I don’t COOK them.  Does that make sense??  Anyway, it was AMAZING, I was quite pleased with myself especially with a mac and cheese because the roux can really make or break your dish…


And yes, I paired it up with a giant chunk of STILL WARM french bread from the grocery store, because, what better way to pair carbs and cheese with a side of carbs and butter??
By the way, I simply typed into Google, “best macaroni and cheese recipe” and this is what I got.  Thank goodness for Google!!!

So now I’m supposed to give these awards to other blogs I read.  I’m going to make this more simple on myself by just referring to the latest award I got which was the Liebster Award.  The official rules for the Liebster Award:

The Liebster Blog Award is designed to bring additional recognition to those bloggers with less than 200 followers. If you receive the award, you should link back to the blogger that nominated you and nominate five more blogs.

So here are my choices!
1) Ashley is one of my most favorite bloggers ever.  We bonded over our love of Panera’s French Onion soup and it seems like everyday she posts I find something else we have in common!  She’s thoughtful, creative and she has one of the sweetest pups ever (Milo).  I simply adore Ashley!

2) Sara of course is also another one of my favorite bloggers.  Sara is one of my first bloggy friends, and we clicked instantly!  She’s an amazing mom of FIVE kids, I don’t even know how she has time to brush her hair let alone blog, craft AND keep up with all of our favorite shows.  She’s great, and what I love most about her?  She keeps it real, she’s not afraid to hold anything back, including her feelings on BYU sports! Smile

3) Kate is another awesome mommy of two beautiful little girls.  Again, she amazes me on how she keeps it all together.  She’s super smart (she’s a doctor/scientist/teacher extraordinaire) AND super crafty. 

4) Vanessa has been a great bloggy friend.  We often times will e-mail each other when I’m at work and it helps to kill the time (I kind of live vicariously through her SAHM status).  She’s a sweetheart and she has the most adorable kiddos.  Another fun fact?  She used to live in my area…now only if that were the case now!  D’oh!  Did I mention she gave me this awesome gift of helping me revamp my blog?  Oh yes she did!  And the big reveal is happening soon!

5) Sarah Kate amazes me in so many ways.  Firstly, it seems like she’s had the worst of luck over the past few months.  I mean her CHIMNEY got blown off by lightning!!  HER CHIMNEY!  Throughout all of it, she has kept her chin up.  She always has positive things to share and bring out of a situation.  Not to mention she’s also this super awesome runner, chicken farmer and most importantly, mom.  What’s not to love?

Each of these girls are really special and I’ve so much enjoyed the friendships that I’ve cultivated with them (as well as several other bloggers that didn’t meet the under 200 followers criteria).  I hope you’ll take the time to visit them and say hello and maybe make a new friend for yourself!


Impulsive Addict said...

I'm new to wine. I finally found one sweet enough that I like. And I've also only been drinking beer for about 3 years. I just really like my Captain and Coke but I'm trying to lose a little weight so I've had to cut back.

That mac and cheese dish looks amazing!!!! I'm so hungry right now!

I'm off to check out some of your friends~

Anonymous said...

"what better way to pair carbs and cheese with a side of carbs and butter" AMEN TO THAT!!! :o) Your mac n cheese looks amazing!!!

Wine is a tough one for me, too. The ONLY one I truly like is Bohemian Highway's chardonnay or pinot grigio. If they have that in your area, try that one. It's normally around $8 a bottle, so not bad! I'm more of a Jack Daniels girl myself... ;o)

Thank you, thank you, thank you for those sweet things you said about me! I don't know about the awesome runner part, but I'll take it! :o) You're the best!

Emmy said...

Oh that mac and cheese looks good! And with bread- my kids would be in heaven with this meal.

sarajo said...

So it's 1:30 my time and I still have showered, or brushed my teeth and hair. I smell nasty. Oh, and I had a PTA meeting this morning. Instead of getting ready, I was doing the mad dash dance to clean up my place. Since the meeting was here. lol! I don't have it all together! Oh and the boys needed to get dressed still. What a morning!

Ok, THANK YOU!!! So much!! I got two awards today, but this one is awesome because it's from a great friend!! :D


Miss S. said...

MMMMM the mac & cheese looks so good! And of course -following up with warm bread! Nom, Nom! ;)

Ashley said...

Aww, girl! I love ya! You're the best. :)

So here I am reading along and thinking of course you put carbs with carbs.. duh! Like, I love a slice of butter bread with pastas like spaghetti, hamberger helper, ya know.. anything with noodles. The funny thing is- I have never had it with mac and cheese! But it's no differnt than spaghetti or some other noodle dish! Why haven't I ever tried that before??

And speaking of mac and cheese, i'm googling "best mac and cheese recipe" because that looks amazing. Yum yum.

One of your most favorite bloggers ever? You made my day, week, month, year, all of em. :)

And.. I'm giddy and excited to see the new layout Vanessa is doing for you! I already love the name so I know it's going to be awesome.

A Randomlicious Blog for the Soul said...

You are so cute!! Thanks for your sweetness. I wish I still lived up there too! We'd hang out all the time :)
I'm still wondering what time I should work on your blog for the big reveal....???

Stephy said...

I was going to say I'm not addicted to Monster energy drinks...but my post today would TOTALLY contradict that! Thanks for the kind things you said about me - you made my day!

So glad you are doing your bloggy duties, haha. I love your blog & everything you write about! Sorry I have been so busy & lacking in the commenting department. I am getting back to normal now!

stephanie said...

I do the SAME thing with songs! except instead of a CD I make a playlist ;)

Jill said...

Thanks for the shout-out Amber, gross mac & cheese lunch meat and all! haha!!

I can't get on-board with wine either. Like IA, I'm a rum & coke girl, who is trying to learn to love low-calorie beer (it's growing on me), and I WISH I loved wine, but I just don't. It's even on my 101 list to aquire a taste for it, but so far, no go.
Off to download Save Me San Francisco now...and also, my stomach literally GROWLED at the sight of that mac & cheese. Wow.

Lauren said...

Congrats on all your bloggy awards :)

I am the same way with music. And even worse I somehow fall in love/obsess over songs a good 3-6 months after everyone else in the world has heard them. haha.