Thursday, August 18, 2011

We have a visitor...

This morning I woke up with my bear (Preston the cat) at the corner of my bed per usual.  He's as loyal as any dog and probably smarter.  He greets me at the door everyday when I come home from work (and even talks to me from the window as I'm walking up to the porch).

He plays fetch with his favorite toy mouse.

He hangs out in his house.

And he's the best snuggler ever.

He's my bear.  I've told this story before, but my mom found him four years ago as a newborn in someone's lawn by himself when she was going for a walk.  At the time I worked right in town and each day on my lunch break I would come home and check on him to bottle feed him, change out his hot water bottles and make sure he was able to go potty (newborn kittens can't "go" on their own, they need help by having their mother lick their belly, or in this case have a wet cotton ball on their belly).  He IS my baby.  As my friend Ashley said in her post today, I'm not his owner, I'm his momma.  I've had a lot of furbabies (mostly cats, throw in a hamster here or there in college) in my life, all of which I've loved dearly.  The Human Society commercials make me cry and I think there needs to be way more people like the man who runs Caboodle Ranch in the world.

Anyway, Preston came with me when I moved out of my mom's house and left behind his buddies.  I personally think he's fine with being "king of the house" but sometimes I go back and forth on if I should get him a friend.  I don't believe my landlady would have an issue with me getting another cat because well...I'm a good tenant, I pay my rent and Preston doesn't dig at the carpets or walls (just my cheap Craigslist couch).  However, I've never taken the plunge for a few reasons.  For example, two cats is more litter box scooping, more cat food purchases and another cat to have to worry about and ensure is not digging at the apartment.  Life is cozy for me and Preston as it is.

Until today.

Preston and I were going about our usual morning routine (yes, he has a morning routine) and while I was microwaving my Canadian Bacon for my faux Egg McMuffin I hear meowing, crazy meowing!

I peeked out the window and a small cat, about 6 months old was wandering around the apartment porch crying.  Preston jumped into the window to check things out and as a naturally passive cat he just kind of watched and sort of batted at the screen while the smaller cat kept reaching up to the window.

I was speechless.

Where did this cat come from?  Was it lost?  How come I hadn't seen it before and why this porch?  What led this cat here?

In an effort to feed the cat, but not wanting to give it some of Preston's food as I didn't think it would stick around - I cut up some bologna and put it on a plate for him.  He was super thin and SUPER hungry.  He also tried to come into my apartment!  Talk about aggressive!

I left to go to work hoping that he would move on because, what was I going to do with him if he didn't?  I really don't want another cat and I don't know anyone who is in the market for a cat.

I came home and I could see him running on the porch before I even got out of my car.  I didn't know what to do, so I got on the phone with my mom.  One of my mom's good friends is a crazy cat lady.  Literally.  She has 40+ cats, all that have been rescued.  Since all of my mom's cats have also been rescued, Nancy (the crazy cat lady) takes the cats to have them checked out, fixed and takes care of any vet expenses.  She will do ANYTHING for cats and ANYTHING for anyone who has a soft spot in their heart for them.  Nancy said, "Give him food, water and a place to sleep, but don't let him inside.  We'll take him to the vet tomorrow if he's still there"

I had a difficult time getting a picture of him (her?) because every time I would go out it would circle my ankles or run over to its food but here is one from inside, after it having a full and happy belly:

And while eating....

Don't hate me because I had leftover styrofoam plates that I use in situations just like this. ;)

Anyway, I'm concerned for this kitty.  It looks sick, it looks like it belonged to someone at some point (it has indentation on it's neck where a collar would be and came running to the door when it heard food hit Preston's dish) and it bothers me that he just randomly showed up.  Did someone just drop him off?  If so, why is it already so skinny and sickly - and who could do that?  If it was lost, why did it find THIS porch to come to?

As much as I want to say I can't take this cat in, I can't help but think it arrived on my porch for a reason but I definitely can't turn it away.  So for now it's just visiting, laying on the table on my porch (even though I gave it a super cozy box and blanket to sleep in!) and content to have some food and a bowl of water.

I'll be sure to keep you posted on any updates as they happen!


Chell said...

Awwwwww such a cute baby! Glad he did find your porch!

Stacie said...

You fed it, its yours now!

Fat in Suburbia said...

Aw you have such a big heart!

stephanie said...

such a big heart! although I have to be honest, I'm not a cat person. I'm a dog lover :)

Rebecca said...

oh my already know this post just melted my heart!! I always can't help but think that like too. Like they need me. Like they showed up for a reason. Like we're supposed to be together ;) I wonder if someone dropped him off because they found out he was sick and couldn't deal with it? I know some people after finding out that an animal has some type of problem, long term or not, can't deal with it or can't afford to take it to the vet so they drop it off where they hope the animal will find someone who can. Which is awful because it endangers them :( Maybe you should just keep him. My mom's cat loves having D'Artagnan come visit so he has someone to do "cat things with". BTW I totally get you on the smarter part. I think that my cats are so much smarter than my dogs!! Lots of tv I watched kind of alluded to that Garfield and Odie :D

Connie Weiss said...

Poor kitty!

I hate when people dump animals!

Lindsey said...

Both are cats are strays. One I have had 10+ years. She is a brat sometimes, but we love her. She too was very skinny and sickly looking and I think the previous owner beat her and didn't take care of her well. Our other cat is an orange tabby and has the biggest personality, like Preston. We got him from a shelter and he is just like owning a dog. He thinks he is one. Good luck on this new adventure I hope it all works out for the best!!

Ashley said...

Wow Amber. It's so strange that someone who had a collar on this poor kitten isn't looking for him. Maybe they are? I'd feel bad taking in someones "family member" if they want them, but like you said - it looks sick and too thin. He found the right porch to come to. If all is ok with him, do you think you might keep him? I tried getting another dog but it was too hard on me and Milo. He hated it. He was so mad. So I didn't continue after our little trial run. If it doesn't work out to get another cat, maybe Preston likes it just being him and his momma. :)

For now at least the kitty has an outdoor home and food until he's checked and maybe until someone who's looking for him finds him. You're a good person for feeding him even though he isn't yours to care for. :)

Brandy@YDK said...

when i had a kitty. i tried to bring another kitty into the relationship and she got totally pissed at me. and would not interact with new kitty and actually tried to beat new kitty up.

Johanson Family said...

Hope this sweet kitty isn't alone for this crazy weekend you have going on! Time for Preston to take a friend under his wing! :)