Friday, August 19, 2011

This week in TV...

Have you been watching TV lately?  Of course you know I have!  No wonder why I don't get anything done, I get fully absorbed in these ridiculous shows.

For example, Bachelor Pad.  What a hot mess Bachelor Pad is!  Vienne and Kasey were up to their usual "antics", Vienna cried and whined about how much she hated that Jake is there and how uncomfortable it made EVERYONE.  Chris Harrison basically said, "Quit your whining, you're here because you want to be, not because we're making you.  If you want to go, there's the door."

I think he might've used more words than that.

Kasey also said, "Let's go" but drama mama Vienna said she didn't want to leave and eventually succumbed to Jake's request to talk to her.  Only to basically tell him to suck it.

Poor Erica (the tiara girl) was basically told (not to her face mind you) by all the of the guys that she was the most unattractive person there.  I felt bad for her until she said that some other girl who was "bigger than her" and thus more unattractive.

I can't get enough of this nonsense.

In other news, Big Brother has been on it's usual days and has also had it's usual drama.  Daniele was HOH this week and had a hard time deciding who to put up for eviction.  Since she didn't want to have Rachel and Brendon come after her she threw up two floaters Adam and Shellie.  Luckily, Adam won POV and Dani choose to backdoor Brendon.  She also took the time to call him a zombie, which I got a chuckle out of.  Of course he had some kind of lame ass comeback, but it was so lame I can't remember it.

So much for Excalibur Rachel.

There's some debate on if Shellie is a liar or not.  I can't decide...what do you think??

Also, USA Gymnastics coverage started this week with the airing of the Cover Girl Classic which was actually last week.  Thursday started the Visa Championships and boy are these girls NERVOUS.  Falling off beams, letting go of bars and tumbling on the floor.  A lot of Bejing girls are competing and making "comebacks" but are down at the bottom of the standings as of right now.  Everyone is talking about Chellsie Memmel because she's "ancient" but still kicks ass and she currently sits in third place (the competition continues tonight and into the weekend).  It should be interesting, I hope that they put on some better performances though, in all honesty I didn't see ANY Olympic contenders out there, or at least not ones that will bring us the gold in 2012.  The good news is it's the beginning of the season and they're all nerves when it comes to competition.

There are some noobs out there too, one of which is this little 15 year old, Gabrielle Douglas who does amazing on the uneven bars but makes rookie mistakes elsewhere.  She also has this weird ass patch thing on her butt that shows through her leotard and I can't help but be totally distracted by it every time she's on the screen.  Defending champ Rebecca Bross is currently in fourth, and looks as miserable as ever.  In fact the commentators kept saying, "If looks could kill, America would be in trouble right now!"  har har har.  

Also Alexandra Raisman reminds me of Kaylie in MIBI (Brandy will get that).

As Kristine would say, "I love watching those limber freaks!"

I probably could've found some pictures to include instead of my wall of text, but sometimes that's just too much work!

This weekend I'll be going to the Painted Pony Rodeo and climbing my first Adirondack High Peak (TWO actually) - it should be a great weekend with lots of pictures to make up for my lack of pictures today.

For those of you wanting an update on my visitor, it was due to go to the vet today, but wasn't around when my mom and Nancy showed up for him.  Hopefully he's around when I get home (they'll come get him then) so he can spend the weekend getting checked out and get some rest.

Hopefully you all have a great weekend - happy Friday!!!


Connie Weiss said...

I'm only watching Bachelor Maxi Pad and I've soooo over V and K. I can't even type out their full names. Please tell me they don't make it to the end or WIN!

Fat in Suburbia said...

Bachelor Pad is like a bad wreck I can't stop looking at. If Vienna and Kasey win my head might explode. Big Brother pretty much sucks this season IMO yet I still watch it. Have a good weekend.

Amy said...

Ok.. Im gonna have to be looking for the patch under the leotard.--- Hmmmm now I am curious.

Have a FAB weekend.

stephanie said...

keep us posted on the kitty visitor! and I watch too much tv but not the same things you watch- I mostly watch Bravo! :)

Stacie said...

I always joke about how little Chris Harrison does as a host, but he earned his pay when he told Vienna off. I loved it!

Miss S. said...

What? No teen mom? For shame! I DVR everything and never just "sit & watch." Holy crap I have some cleaning to do before the fall lineup hits us!

Allie @ PickyEatingRD said...

I love gymnastics and am so with you on the "lack of medal contenders". It is dissapointing but I am sure they are all ridiculously nervouse. We'll see what they bring in the next year or so!

Lauren said...

I love gymnastics! My favorite was always the Rock and Roll Gymnstics event where they won guitars. I wish I was that talented and flexible.

Caitlin O. said...

Uhm, YES to that Erica comment. I would have felt sorry for you, had you not thrown somebody else under the bus to make yourself feel better.

Especially Ella =( She has a kid and she looks GREAT. You have no children and your lips are plastic, so...

Brandy@YDK said...

bachelor pad sounds like my kind of trash.