Friday, July 22, 2011

Summer Heat

 I’m writing this post from my living room (nothing unusual here), but I won’t lie…I’m sitting in the least amount of clothes possible, which is still quite a bit because I have nosey kid neighbors who peer into my living room door window.  I’m not going to say I’m swealtering or that I feel like I’m in Hades….but I am warm.


This fine graphic (provided by, spruced up by me) gives you an idea of how hot it is here.  It’s 96 degrees!  96!! 

I have to laugh because I’ve had a couple of my bloggy friends ask me over the past few days, “Do people even use air conditioners up there?”  Do the people in Florida who are enjoying their 87 degree weather have air conditioners??  HECK YES!  I myself don’t have one, but I can tell you my neighbor above me has theirs on 90% of the time, my mother keeps hers on all the time and of course my dungeon at work is air conditioned (even in the winter!).  Apparently even Canada is even baking, and we all know they live in igloos year round.

Anyway, I appreciate the heat.  It’s an excuse for:

Ice Cream

Keeping the sunroof open while blaring my new favorite CD (The Band Perry, in case if I haven’t mentioned it enough this week)

Sitting on my porch with an ice cold beer and a good book


Laying under the sun

And when else can you go swimming?  Definitely not when it’s 10 degrees out!  Or can you…?

And just in case if you forgot what record snowfall was like…
IMG-20110202-00169 bb 12411 012
182960_195732760455652_100000567878661_630291_7533301_n IMG-20110226-00304

So three cheers for summer and super hot temperatures!  I’d rather be sweating than drenched in snow!

What is YOUR favorite thing to do when the temperatures are high??


Ashley said...

My favorite thing to do when temperatures are high would be swimming, being on the beach, and of course being inside soaking up the AC! If I can't swim when its hot I need to be inside in the cool ac. Heat makes me fussy. No lie. It's like instant fussiness. :-X

Stephy said...

It's been hot like that here too [a bit hotter, actually]. I've been hating it a little bit. My favorite thing to do is lay out by a pool when it's super hot! But the only problem is I don't have a pool & we don't even have a community pool. Nothing around here. Zip. So, the heat is just heat & it's miserable!

Jill said...

"Apparently even Canada is even baking, and we all know they live in igloos year round."

Bahahaha!! Yes, we are baking up here, our igloos are now little puddles that we let the kids splash in when they complain it's too hot! ;)

My fave thing to do in the heat: SWIM. Or float, which is what I did last night in a friend's pool.

Lindsey said...

I live in MN. This past week it was about 100 here with a 90% humidity! I don't know how the humidity is where you are but it sucks! When it's like that I'd rather just stay inside!! lol.

Anonymous said...

Hahaha...fine...go ahead and make fun of the southerner who's never been up north. I'm an easy target. ;o) In my defense, when we lived in Florida, we never had to use our heater, so I was just thinking MAYBE you NYers didn't use your AC. ;o) Clearly it doesn't work that way. Heehee.

If I were you, I'd do something to scare those nosy kid neighbors into never wanting to look into your windows again EVER. You could really have some fun with that. ;o)

Lauren said...

I think I can make any situation a good excuse for ice cream!

I have that same pint glass.

Anonymous said...

Now that I read the comments, I guess you were speaking about SK asking about the AC.---- gotta love that gal! :)

ICE CREAM--- we have a freezer full right now. :) we loaded up lastnight.

We always play in the kiddie pools. :)

Connie Weiss said...

Man....I'd love a cold beer right now.

Lori said...

Haha - I *almost* posted a snow pic with my garden shots today. I couldn't quite bear to do it, though :D

Was that ice cream from Rookies? I thought I recognized that cement table

stephanie said...

oh my gosh, I love that book! all her books are hysterical. If you like her you'll probably love Jen Lancaster and Laurie Notaro. If you haven't read any of their stuff- DO IT! I have a secret crush on Jen Lancaster.

Sarah said...

mmm! that ice cream looks DELICIOUS! Totally stop reminding me of the snow! I miss it!

Rebecca said...

I feel your pain! We've been under a severe weather warning for a heat advisory all week! Since you say it's a good enough reason I just may have to have that ice cream ;)

A Randomlicious Blog for the Soul said...

I love those pics! I don't see how you live without an air conditioner? you like living in a sweatbox? I can't even stand sauna's. I'd literally die.

I love to do anything in the water if it's going to be hot, here it's been like 98 but with the humidity it feels like 110 or something...may be exaggerating as I normally do. But water, and air conditioning are my two musts on a hot day! :)