Monday, July 25, 2011

Monday Moanings

I'm linking up with the lovely Kristine again this week for Monday Moanings.  I have some fun things planned to post this week, but you know I have to get my grumpiness out of the way first. :)  You can participate too by clicking the button below and linking up!

I mostly have work complaints today, so here we go...

Complaint #1:

I really just can't stand my supervisor's miserable/snarky comments all the time.  I get that he hates his job, but why does he have to make me hate mine by displaying his negativity and attitude all the time?  He IS a nice guy, and he MEANS well but he's not good at his job and it makes it super stressful for him thus...negative attitude.  He's also constantly questioning what I'm writing down when I answer the phone and arguing that it's not right.  Well, I'm only relaying the information the customer said to me, if you don't think I'm taking information down correctly, stop wandering around the office all the time and answer the phone yourself.

Complaint #2:

I hate that I have no personal time to use at this place.  I get that I'm technically a "new hire" and that I've only been here since last November, but how hard is it to give new full time employees a week vacation off the bat?  I think ALL companies should do that.  Not only that - I had to wait 6 months just to get two lousy sick days, in which I later found out I was supposed to have when I was first hired (which means they OWE me two sick days by how they do their sick day cycle).  I'll get a week at my one year anniversary (but who wants to take a vacation in November).  Maybe I'm just spoiled by getting time off when I was hired at other places but in general I'm tired of feeling like a hamster on a hamster wheel, working for no return.  Until I have reason to be more productive beyond my mediocre paycheck, I'm going to continue to do the bare minimum that my job requires of me and not feel bad.

Complaint #3:

I've applied to quite a few jobs with no luck.  I've never really had a hard time finding something - my concern is that because I've had so many different jobs since I've graduated from college, people think I'm unreliable.  The truth is, I never call in sick, I can't afford to take time off and I'm willing to work extra hours if needed.  I'm probably more reliable than people who've been with the same company for 10 years.

Ok...enough about work...

Complaint #4:

I was annoyed Friday night when my BFF Alicia and I went to see HP.  There was a showing in the theater next to us that was about 20 minutes behind (same movie, just 3D) and it was so LOUD it was seriously interrupting our movie.  I figure the people in that theater must have had their ears blown out.

Complaint #5:

I don't like to complain about the boy in my life, because he's trying really hard (long story, maybe for another time) - but complaining to me all the time about how much you hate texting, telling me that you can't hang out with me Saturday night and then texting me ON Saturday night wondering why I only responded to your question with a "fine" and saying "I don't know what your deal is, have a good night" is nonsense.  He constantly misconstrues (not sure if I'm spelling that correctly) anything I say in a written format, and it's starting to grate on me.  Besides, I thought you hated texting?  I figured you wouldn't want long winded answers, and I thought you had something to do tonight, what are you doing texting me??  Psh.

Now that I got all that out of the way, I'm looking forward to sharing my weekend with you as well as posting and update to my Summer Wish List!  Yeehaw!


Sarah Kate said...

I was so pampered at my last job, that I'm not sure I could ever have another job again. LOL. All my jobs before were like you describe - horrific supervisors/bosses, no vacation or time off, etc. Then I landed the sweetest job I've ever had. Loved the work, loved the pay, loved the people. Then I had to leave it when I left Florida. Thatw as the ONLY thing that made me want to stay. Now if I went anywhere else, I'd only feel like complaining all the time. LOL. So I understand how you feel. I hope it either gets better OR you can find something else. What do you do? frustrating that the movie was playing almost completely over yours. I'm pretty anti-theaters for reasons just like that. How did you like the movie, though?

Amy said...

Ugh--- vacations or time off are soo important in the work environment. Seriously, reward people for their hard work. Unfortunately, there are those that ruin things for the rest of us. ;)

Do I need to talk to the SO in your life..... ;) I can set them straight.

Pixie said...


sarajo said...

At least you have a job. I quit my job 5 years ago and haven't worked a day since. If I even thought about getting a job, no one would hire me because I haven't worked in over 5 years. No one wants to hire a mom.

stephanie said...

get it out girl- it helps! sucks about the movie. and the boss/vacay thing- I'd be frustrated too!

Miss S. said...

Blech-I hope you find a better job soon. That sounds truly terrible.

Boys are so frustrating. Being married does not solve this problem-however I think maybe we become more "in tune" so it's less noticeable. =)

Connie Weiss said...

Monday's suck. That's all there is to it!

I hope tomorrow is better!

Kristine said...

Thanks for linking up, Amber! I know what you mean about negativity in the work place; only problem is I’m the one with the negative attitude. Every morning I tell myself, I’m going to find the good in these certain people today and every morning I find myself more and more annoyed. It’s a vicious cycle but I know I’m not going to get along with everyone I work with so, it’s something I’m learning to deal with and attempting to make nice is one of the things I’ve really been trying.

Ugh, aren’t boys the worst!? Seriously, I don’t get them and I like to think that I talk fluent ‘boy’… but I’m always proven wrong. I’m sure he’ll come around so keep your chin up girly!

Rebecca said...

I completely know what you mean! My husband just started a new job so he hasn't started getting any vacation, sick, or personal days yet. It kinda sucks since our anniversary is this weekend, and he can't take off any for it. I would really only want him to get one day off for travel, but oh well :(

Lourie said...

There is a lot of loud in HP and to have it going off in the theatre next to you when there is supposed to dialogue would be annoying! Sheesh.

Sounds like you need to stick your foot and trip that guy. Keep him from wandering. haha.

Vivian said...

I hear you. There are so many of us struggling with this job thing and the crappy people around the work place and the lack of jobs to go anywhere else. Sometimes your sanity is worth more than a paycheck. I'm sure you know what you gotta do. HUGS!