Wednesday, July 20, 2011

What I’m Loving Wednesday

I was inspired by the fantabulous Miss Angie (link to her health blog) to participate in What I’m Loving Wednesday hosted over at LittleDaisyMay.  So here’s what I’m loving:



I’m still loving The Band Perry and I’m totally embracing my country love.  I’ve even had other bloggy friends recommend other bands to me and *gasp* I actually like them also!  More particularly though, I just can’t get enough of this CD.



My bike!  I haven’t rode my bike in forever and today I got a good ten mile ride in right after work.  It was perfect (although a little slow).  I missed my bike, I need to stop being a lazy bum!


Spotify, a free music streaming service.  It’s currently in invite mode (I got my invite from Britney Spears…for real!) but you can request an invite.  I love being able to listen to the music *I* want to when I want to, unlike with Pandora where it’s their own mix of what they THINK you’ll like and then you only have so many skips…psh.


Starbucks Non-Fat Caramel Frappachino.  That particular one has a double shot of espresso…uhm….I’m not a coffee drinker, like AT ALL but boy these have been hitting the spot lately.  Thankfully Starbucks isn’t really “around” me or on my way of many things so I’m not drinking away a million calories each day.




Two things in this picture!  1) My Dickey’s Big Yellow Cup.  I have two of them (and two little ones…shut it, I don’t go there too much) and they’re the perfect cup for lots of ice and lots of water or unsweetened iced tea and I need that in this hot weather!  2) Cucumbers!!  I’ve been eating cucumbers like it’s my job, these ones are topped with Fat Free Catalina….yum!  Oh and don’t be totally grossed out by my dinner, it’s just rice, chicken and buffalo sauce. Smile



Lastly, I’m loving that my friend Janette introduced me to Skype to use while I’m at work!  Not only is it faster than our usual e-mails, it makes the day go by so much faster when you’ve got someone you enjoy to talk to!





What is a CD YOU can’t stop listening to right now??


Amy said...

OMG!! We should ALL skype! I lurve it!! :)

I was wondering what was on your cucumbers.... I love Catalina! :)

Miss S. said...

I love the Coconut Mocha Frappucino at Starbucks. Told ya-coconut obsession!

Kristine said...

Okay first of all The Band Perry? AH-MAZING! :) I'm a big country fan, obviously.
Second, when you are able to invite people to this whole free music download Napster/Limewire wannabe site, you should probably extend an invite my way ;)
Third, I have used Skype a few times but I don't think I have quite grasped the concept yet, haha.

stephanie said...

I love country music and my cant stop listening to CD of the moment? Taylor Swift "Speak Now" {fun fact: Taylor Swift CDs are the only CDs in my cd player in my car... and she has been held that particular honor for a straight 3 years now!} and George Strait's 50 greatest hits. :) Love me some George

Ashley said...

10 mile bike ride sounds awesome! Go you! I've tried a couple drinks from Starbucks and can't find anything I like! But the coconut one mentioned above sounds wonderful! I love coconut.

Jill said...

Now that you're a country fan, have you checked out Jason Aldean? He's my current fave... :)

Johanson Family said...

I need to check out that band.. I keep my radio stuck on one channel and need to branch out! I just love that picture of the What I'm lovin' Wed... so pretty...
THANK GOODNESS You are on skype!! Off to buzz ya!

Connie Weiss said...

I'm listening to The Band Perry on Spotify RIGHT NOW! I like it. But I love country music. Always have....always will.

I'm a Starbucks Iced Coffee with cream girl. :)

It's not country...but I love Ian Axel.

Kate said...

So after listening to the band, I think you should try Alison Krauss. She's fantastic. If you like that I can suggest some mountain music you might enjoy too.

I am just trying out spotify right now. I like you can just listen to anything...but a lot of the bands I listen to only have a few songs on there. Boo!

We had barbecue just the other day. Smoked with some sweet and spicy sauce. It's one of the great things about being back in TN. LOTS of great barbecue!

Oh and to answer your question- I've been listening to three people right now. (all albumns)
1. The Black Keys
2. Justin Townes Earle
3. Wanda Jackson


Sarah said...

the Band Perry is AWESOME! LOVE their album! You definitely have a lot of awesome things to be lovin'!

Hogla said...

STARBUCKS!!! Love starbucks. And the frappuccinos! AMAZING. I find skype quite odd to use though that's mostly because I have nobody on skype to talk to. most disappointing.

I'm really into Chameleon Circuit- Still Got Legs at the moment!

beingme-swapbot x