Monday, May 2, 2011

Most weeks - three days isn't even enough...

Wow, my three day weekend came and went faster than my two day weekends.  So sad. :(

I'm sitting here watching Monday night's DWTS trying to think of what to blog about tonight - I really don't have anything that's jumping out at me, but I felt the need to blog since well...I haven't in a couple of days!

Weekend recap...

Saturday and Sunday were both enjoyable days.  Saturday I completed some errands and got to hang out with my favorite boy - who BTW threw a fit because I asked him if me wearing eyeliner made me look old (I got this from comments that people made about Kate Middleton's make up at the wedding).  His response,

"I just told you you looked amazing, and I'm not your gay best friend."



Sunday I spent a lot of time playing The Sims.  I go through phases where I love playing this game.  I don't necessarily like the game play itself, I just like building and designing houses and I'm quite pleased with my latest creation!  I also visited my BFF Alicia while she was working and let me just say she's got the best weekend gig in town!  She works in a little shop that in the two hours I spent hanging out with her got a total of 3 customers.  And she's making $10/hr with access to a computer in which she was given permission to do what she wants to on it!  Score!

Diet recap...

Eh.  I could've done better food wise in general all week - I also drank a lot of beer Saturday night, like...a lot.  Good news is I'm super poor because I went over my budget at my Arbonne party so I'll be living off of cereal, soup and bananas for the next couple of weeks - that should warrant some loss, right?

In other news...

I'm LOVING the salt scrub that I got as a hostess gift from my party Friday.

Arbonne Aromassentials Awaken Sea Salt Scrub

It smells AMAZING and leaves my skin SO soft.  It also basically leaves oil on your skin so you don't have to put lotion on after you get out of the shower.  Some people might not like that feeling, but I use baby oil gel as a moisturizer anyway so I'm used to it.  My skin is really important to me and I'm thinking I might be Arbonne's newest big fan, I'm even looking into what it will take to become a consultant!

Do you sell/organize parties for any kind of company?

In DWTS news...

We're only halfway through the show so I'm not sure who I want to go home yet - I didn't really like Kendra's dance, but the judges liked it and I usually really like watching Chelsea and Mark, but didn't care for their dance this week either.  Kirstie is also lacking some hard core energy tonight (that dance just finished).

I'm not going to place a bet on who I think is going to go home since last week I was devastated by Jericho.


stephanie said...

I've never tried any Arbonne products but that scrub looks amazing!!

sarajo said...

The Sims! I love that game. But I'm with you, I play it then don't...for years. My SIL loves it as well, and plays it more than I do. LOL!

Brandy@YDK said...

i used to play the sime when i had free time. I always told my husband it was like playing barbies on the computer. LOVED.