Saturday, April 30, 2011

The Last Wedding Post

Much to your relief this will be my last post on The Royal Wedding.  As with everything that I so greatly anticipate, I'm always sad when it's all done and over with.

Yesterday was such a fun day for me!  Like I said I would, I pulled the foam mattress off of my bed and pulled it into my living room so that I could watch "while in bed".  I only have a loveseat in my living room so I wanted to be able to spred out and be as comfortable as possible!

I did wake up at 3 to watch the BBC coverage, but I didn't realize it was just going to be them showing footage of the crowd and the some 2000+ people coming into the Abbey.  I wasn't terribly interested in all of that so I was in and out of sleep until about 5:30 when William and Harry made their way out.

It was all so exciting!  I was so anxious during each of the car rides, and that last one...that first glimpse of the dress as Catherine stepped into her car.

That girl is GORGEOUS.  I'll admit, I have a girl crush on her.  Her class and elegance is something I wish I exuded the way she does.  And her hair, fabulous.  Her dress was AMAZING, I loved everything about it.  The simplicity and the elegance, just breathtaking.  They looked stunning together:

The ceremony was beautiful, I especially enjoyed The Address from Dr. Chartres because I felt like in the beginning he really summed up why I was so excited for all of this.  In a time when the world is so uncertian and filled with such bad news, it's exciting to take a day to celebrate.  Celebrate life, love, hope, being British and something new.  All of you that were so bitter about the whole thing need to take a moment to celebrate life once a while - I'm sure people were sick of hearing about YOUR weddings and YOUR personal events too. :P 

The crowd was amazing, did you see her say, "Oh my" when she walked out onto the balcony?  Oh my is right!  The street parties, the carnivals and the costumes people were wearing were so much fun to watch.  The control the security had on the crowd is really incredible.  I think of something that huge going on here in America and what a giant mess it would be.  No wonder why we can't have anything special like that over here...

Other things I loved:
Beatrice and Eugene, whom I love and adore.  Their hats (or should I say "fastners") were so ridiculous, haha:

I loved when they were leaving the balcony and Catherine took one last look at the crowd:

I loved the obvious comradery between William and Harry during the whole ordeal. 

I loved the runaway car that was decorated and that William was driving when they were leaving the palace after their lunch reception.

I loved the party dress Catherine wore for the "more intimate" evening reception:

Yes, Philippa looked lovely as well, I'll be honest I thought she was older (oops - it was the first time I ever heard she even had a sister) and I don't think she upstaged the bride like many are saying. 

Her brother James did a WONDERFUL job reading his lesson, he was so poised and sounded like it was something he does on a daily basis.

Charles looked dopey as usual:

I did feel a lot of sadness at times, sadness that his mother Diana couldn't be there to see what wonderful men she raised.  It's clear they are not the average stuffy royals, these are life loving, down to earth gentlemen.  One woman in the crowd yesterday said it best, "When Catherine came out and the sun was shining, that was Diana".

So my goodness, I could say so much more about the wedding, but I have to talk about the party my BFF Alison and I had!!!

This is my BFF Alison and I while we were getting ready for our princess party.  Look at her head gear!  Her mother made them each something to wear, which I thought was super fabulous.  We were a little tipsy here, because we were nervous no one was going to come, haha

But people did!  And just enough people I think - I invited a couple of others but it's better they didn't come, as you can see I have a small living room with lack of seating and tables. 

This was an Arbonne party, our representative Erin was SO sweet, and she just loved our festivites.  The dress code was to "come in your best princess attire" but a few people came from work so they got to rock some paper tiaras.  From R to L: my BFF Alicia, Alison's BFF Rachel, Alison, Alison's niece, Alison's boyfriend's mother and Alison's mother, who made the comment that, "I dressed the best I could, but I feel like the old maid that got invited to the wedding!"  haha - she looked great.

We were afraid we had too much food, but 90% of it was gone when it was time to clean up.  And the surprising hit??  The cucumber and cream cheese sandwiches that are on the top tier!  Everyone LOVED them, who knew???

I took the time to make up little favors that I was pretty proud of, they have 2 packets of English Breakfast Tea, one of those Lipton Pyramid Teas, a chocolate and bubbles!

We all had so much fun, and I'll admit, Alison and I walked away with some good loot thanks to everyone that came and purchased items.  The stuff is more on the expensive side so it's not difficult to rack up a bill, but we were still surpised people bought enough for us to benefit from $100 worth of free product, we each got a general free product (I got this amazing sea salt scrub) and we get to benefit from something else at 50% off.  It was WELL worth having this party, and I can't wait to have another one.

All in all it was such a fun day!  I'm so thrilled that I got to enjoy the day with my closest friends and was able to watch the wedding the way I wanted to (thanks to work for the unpaid day off that I had to fight for *eyeroll*).


All images of the Royal Wedding can be found at the Official British Monarchy's Flikr page, which is:


sarajo said...

Looks like a good time! I was a little sad that my DVR didn't get everything recorded. Oh well. I did enjoy it, but now that it's over and done with, I'm done. Time to move on. LOL!
Thanks for sharing your Wedding party! Really, did look like fun.

Beth said...

I agree that the obvious love between William and Kate, as well as their approachability (and Harry's), signal a shift for the better in British Royalty.

However, I think it's totally unfair to compare Kate to Diana. Diana and Charles were both stiff and wooden at their wedding, and although Diana has been sainted in the minds of folks since her death, she lacked the grace and poise that Kate exudes. I think Kate is a better example of a 'princess of the people', and will fit better into public life, and I'd hate to see her burdened by Diana's legacy.

Also...I thought Pippa was older, too. Whoops! :D

Connie said...

What a fun party! I love the party favor you came up with. Perfect.

I think that one a uterus. Or a cell phone tower.

I loved the wedding! And I've decided to name myself Princess Connie, Dutchess of Bullshit.

stephanie said...

What fun! And I agree, I adore Kate she is so classy!

Brandy@YDK said...

I loved reading your recap. I loved her dress too. I would love to go to a princess party. One year for my birthday I had a pirate princess party