Tuesday, April 5, 2011

TOPS Tuesday: Weigh In Drama

As you already know from my Ten on Tuesday entry - it is indeed the second day of the work week and the end to another week of dieting. 

I also mentioned in that entry that we got new digital scales this week and I was super scared to be weighed on the digital scale.  Now, it's not that I didn't TRUST our scale, it's just was old and it had to be put on a plywood board so it wasn't on carpet and although the scale isn't going to LIE to me about losing 23 pounds, I was really afraid it was going to tell me I had a gain this week, simply because I've been convinced this whole time that the old scale was off.

The results:
Down another 1 pound.

Not everyone did as well and weren't willing to blame it on something other than the new scale.  To be honest, as a group...sometimes we have off weeks.  Weeks where everyone but a few have a gain.  I've yet to be a member of the gainers group in a week, but I'm sure my time will come.  We even had the leader try and say the new scale was weighing everyone in at about 1-2 pounds heavier.  The main weight recorder and myself squashed that theory because I weighed myself on the old scale and according that I had lost...are you ready for it??

2 pounds.


That 2 pounds would've brought me to 25 pounds lost.

But my official TOPS weigh in has me at 1 pound loss, and that's what I have to take.  And what the new scale has everyone at is what EVERYONE has to take.

It was a busy meeting today, the first weigh in of each month is always busy.  Dues, monthly best loser, secretary report, treasurers report and we also had the induction ceremony for the new officers.

TOPS is really formal - minutes are taken, officers are voted for, bylaws are created and it wasn't a surprise that officer induction was a big deal.


I didn't actually think that *I* as the assistant weight recorder was an actual officer, haha

So I had to get "pinned" and get pictures done in my frumpy sweatshirt.  Geeze, I wish I knew I was having pictures done!

PURPLE is the color of the weight recorders - we both got purple carnations which I'll be honest...was exciting.  I haven't gotten flowers of any kind in forever.

We had a little time after the ceremony to eat some veggies and fruit that people brought in and chat with eachother.  I happened to sit by our two newest members (well they were TOPS members in the past and rejoined a couple of weeks ago) and they were inquiring about my weight loss.  They mentioned to me that I've lost each week they've been at the meetings (which is true) so I said that I've in fact loss every week since I've been a member.  I have no problem bragging about this because it reminds me of how hard I've been working to achieve this goal.

I told them I've lost 24 pounds total and in about 3 pounds I'll be at my halfway point.

They looked so shocked at me.

"You mean you want to lose another 25 pounds???  Where???"

I get that I'm not as big as some of our members - but I'm also nowhere near the smallest.  The reality is that I was 192 pounds.  My goal weight is 135-130.  I can admit that I carry my weight well, but I'm getting this reaction from EVERYONE that inquires about my weight.

1) How much have you lost? 
-20 pounds
2) How much are you trying to lose?
-about 60
3) You're trying to lose WHAT??

So needless to say, I'm getting a little tired of this reaction, I won't lie.  I just smile and reassure the person that I do indeed have that much to lose and that it will bring me to a healthy weight for a female my age and height.

So another week down - I'll recap all of my stats for Fat Ass Friday later in the week.

Tomorrow is Wednesday, middle of the week.  My name is Amber and I work for the weekend and it can't get here fast enough!!!


Connie said...

Great job!

I can't imagine ever being at the weight that the charts say.

Brandy@YDK said...

that's so awesome. The TOPS group sounds really interesting. I've never heard of it before your blog.

sarajo said...

Nice! Good job!
I get that reaction too. It's nice, but when you know the numbers, you know you have a lot more hard work in front of you.
Hope you can get to your half way mark next week!