Wednesday, April 6, 2011

But why not just use organic goat's milk soap?

Would you believe that I saw that question in THREE e-mails today?  I can't even tell you what the e-mails were about, but I remember kind of spazing out at the third one stating, "IF PEOPLE CARE THAT MUCH ABOUT CHEMICALS IN THEIR SOAP THEY SHOULD LOOK AT THE CHEMICALS THAT ARE IN THE WATER THAT COME OUT OF THEIR PIPES!!!"


Good thing the person I said it to insists on putting a :) at the end of every sentance they type.  They're obviously very happy with life so my spaz out didn't effect them.


Work was so ridiculous today.  I mean really.  So ridiculous I ate a whole Caramello Bar after my gym workout...but I was still within my 1200-1500 caloric range so it's ok.


Tomorrow is only Thursday and that makes me sad, I desperately need it to be Friday.  I am however excited that I have a movie night date with a friend.  Anything you can suggest to rent??

I've really been enjoying my gym workouts lately (I won't complain about how overcrowded the gym is here).  After I eat my dinner I hop up and go to the gym, there's no slag in my step on my way there and I put in some really great work outs.  Its crazy to think that when I started working out I could barely do the elliptical at 4.0 speed for 15 minutes and now I'm booking it at 6.5 for 50 minutes and COULD keep going if it weren't for boredom.  It's kind of neat to see progress like that.  My next challenge:

The Arc Trainer.  I always feel like I'm going to fall off this thing when I do it and I have a hard time pumping out a reasonable 15 minutes on it.  So I'm going to challenge myself to pump out 30 minutes on it tomorrow - yikes, wish me luck!

I know I keep saying this, but I've GOT to apply for financial assistance at the local YMCA - I'd love to start taking some spinning classes.  What's holding me back?  Uhm...I haven't done my taxes yet and I need to submit them with the application...shut it, I've got like a week and I have to pay into the state like 80 bucks so why do I need to rush???

I hope everyone is enjoying the evening - I know I'm enjoying spending the evening snuggling with my bear!!

(He's annoyed that I keep making him pose for pictures)


sarajo said...

You crack me up! I have yet to get any emails like that.
And good job on the workout! It's always nice to see how far you have come. Keep up the good work!

Brandy@YDK said...

i haven't done my taxes either. yay for procrastinating.