Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Influenster August VoxBox: Talk To Us Tuesday

A couple of weeks ago I received an e-mail from Influenster asking me if I’d be interested in participating in their August Naturals VoxBox.  Of course I immediately replied saying I’d be thrilled to participate.  Saturday I got my package in the mail and I wanted to not only share with you what I got, but share the community that allowed me to participate in something like this!
If you don’t already know, Influenster is an online community where users can read and post product reviews.  Users can then use their “influence” via blogging, YouTubing, Facebook or whatever form of digital networking you prefer to promote various companies and products.  As a user you create a profile and unlock “badges” that show off your lifestyle.  It’s a user friendly site and provides a lot of great information on a great range of products.  As an active user you have the opportunity to qualify for various VoxBox opportunities.  A VoxBox is a package that includes FULL SIZE products for you to try and review. 
And that’s it!
I signed up for Influenster a couple of months ago and kind of forgot about it.  I honestly don’t remember how I came across it, I wasn’t expecting anything out of it so imagine my surprise when I got the e-mail asking me to participate in the Naturals VoxBox.  I’m assuming I qualified for the Natural VoxBox because I’ve unlocked the “Green” Lifestyle Badge (Note: You’re only allowed to unlock 5 of the 15 available Lifestyle Badges so you need to pick the ones that best represent you.  This also means don’t unlock the “Metro” one like I did accidently, as that’s for menSmile with tongue out ).   I believe they send out approximately 500 VoxBoxes each month.
Below are some pictures of my VoxBox!

No, the Dunkin Donuts iced tea didn’t come with the package. Winking smile
Including in my package was:
  • Food Should Taste Good chips in Multigrain flavor
  • Jason Natural Soothing Aloe Vera hand soap
  • Natural Dentist Healthy Gums rinse
  • Derma E Very Clear cleansing scrub
  • Wen Cleansing Conditioner
  • ProBar Halo snack bar
  • Juice Beauty lip color
  • Avalon Organics lip balm
This package is worth over $80 and I got it for FREE simply by promising to take the time to review the items and share my opinions with people in my life.  Pretty sweet deal, right??
First thoughts…
I ate the chips and loved them.  I’ve seen them in the stores, but avoided them BECAUSE they’re multigrain.  I tend to not like the texture of multigrain flavored foods, but these tasted just like tortilla chips with the perfect hint of salt.  All natural, Gluten Free, No GMOs and low in cholesterol.  Loved them!
I’m super excited to be trying Wen.  I used it today and am already in love, I’m going to give it a few more days to get the full effect, but the scent (Sweet Almond Mint) is AWESOME.
Loving the Avalon Organics lip balm, but I don’t have anything bad to say about that brand in general.  They have a great line of products.
The Natural Dentist rinse is cool and refreshing, a nice addition to my dental hygiene routine.
I’m not sharing this with you because I’m being compensated (I’m not), I’m sharing this with you because I LOVE getting packages in the mail for free.  I love sharing my opinion and I love reading what others have to say about products I’m interested in trying (seriously, I spent three days reading reviews before deciding on what camera to buy recently).  You all as my bloggy friends have influence, you have influence through your blogs, Facebook pages and Twitter pages.   It’s a no brainer to visit the site and set up a profile so you too can enjoy the benefits of being an “Influenster”.
So I think in about a week or so I’m going to do a Vlog about my package with more definite reviews and information on the products.  So check back for that!

I'm choosing this to link up with IA and Shawn for their new blog link up in hopes that more people get to take advantage of this great opportunity!  Got something to share??  Slap their super cute button on your post/blog and link up each week!


Impulsive Addict said...

Wow! I wanna receive a free package of goodies in the mail! I'm gonna have to check this website out!

Thanks for linking up with us and adding our cute button! I hope you're having a great week so far!

P.S. Rachel is going to win! I can just FEEL it!

Shawn said...

I'm with IA, I'm heading over there to see what I can do to get my box full of goodies!

Thanks for sharing this, great link up!

Date Girl said...

Box of awesome goodies? I'm so in!! I love natural products and I'm always looking to try new things.

Connie said...

I love reviewing products and restaurants!!

And I need a gluten free chip in my life. I tried some gluten free carmel corn and it was yummy!

Jill said...

Wow! What an awesome box of goodies to get for FREE!!! I wonder if this is available in Canada... ;) Those chips sound awesome!!

Brandy@YDK said...

wow - sounds awesome.

Chell said...

Great big box of good stuff! It all looks amazing!

Fat in Suburbia said...

Hey! I'm giving you a blog award check it out!