Friday, August 5, 2011

Happy Thursday all!  I kept forgetting all day today that it was Thursday, each time I was reminded I couldn't help but smile, thank goodness tomorrow is Friday!  It's been such a long week!  It's been fairly busy at work the past couple of weeks, and there's some drama going's making for an even more less than desirable work experience.  I have a pretty packed weekend lined up.  Tomorrow night I have to babysit for a couple of hours and then I’ll be spending the evening with my guy friend.  Saturday consists of going to see Cowboys and Aliens (don’t laugh, I’m super pumped) and then babysitting for the family that I don’t really care for babysitting for.  Unfortunately they got to me before my main family did otherwise I would’ve just babysat for my main family, however I’m really not in the position to turn down ANY babysitting gig.  Hopefully Sunday will allow for a bike ride, but I’m hearing rain is in the forecast…Confused smile

I started off my day with the usual (can you guess?):

I had my last two pieces of bacon today, I don't what I'm going to do for tomorrow!!!

Below is what I packed for my snacks and lunch:


Today I had the usual Honey Nut Chex but switched things up and brought a banana to have with it.  My morning snack was a corn muffin toastie, which yes, has gluten.  I’m not sure why I bought them, I think the “corn” threw me off?  Or I just wasn’t thinking, but I’m ok with this being the only gluten I have for the day, because they make a pretty darn tasty mid morning snack. Smile  I brought a cheese stick and these GF “cracklebread” crackers and some peanut butter to put on them.  I was a little skeptical on them, because they have a weird texture visually, but they were really good and the PB was a great touch for them.

I had a quesadilla again tonight, actually I had exactly what I had last night, so instead of posting that picture again, I took a pic of me cooking it so you could see what it looks like…


Forgive my crappy BlackBerry camera, you can see I put chicken in it today.  Cheese and onions as well.  Today I tried microwaving it because I was being lazy, and it was kind of soggy so I ended up putting it in a skillet anyway.  Hah.

After dinner I took a 45 minute nap.  I knew I needed to ride my bike today, but for some reason I was so exhausted.  I had to rest my eyes.

I woke up with the alarm and went for my bike ride (success!).  It was a great bike ride for me, I was going for speed and I have to say I succeeded.  My average speed today was 13.8 MPH, usually it’s around 12.  This ride usually takes me around an hour, give or take five minutes and I did it in 48 minutes today. Smile

I’ve gotten quite a bit of good mail this week!  Mostly coupons for free loot (including a ton of e-mail birthday coupons), but also an early birthday card and some swap-bot goodies (not pictured):


I LOVE good mail! Smile

It’s been a quiet evening and I’m totally sucked into Big Brother.  I mean how annoying is Rachel?  Seriously?  And her boyfriend?  I’ve never seen a bigger sap than him.  I mean, they’re possibly going to be separated for a few weeks and they’re acting like one of them has a terminal illness.  Gag me.  I also can’t get over the amount of silicone in that house and Julie’s hair is pretty epic tonight…not really in a good way.

Hope everyone is having a great night!


Amy said...

I love that you call him your guy friend. hee hee.. You two be good, ya hear!! ;)

Proud of you and that bike ride. I live in the country and there are no sidewalks near me. I can see me on a bike ride now... I would be dodging the snakes, possums and the occasional road kill. Hmm it may be kinda fun! :)

Sandra said...

I read this post and chuckled, despite the fact that I sort of wanted to hate you for posting your meals...don't take it personally, it's late, I'm hungry, and I would love some Chex!

Fat in Suburbia said...

I'm not loving this season of BB. I was totally rolling my eyes at Rachel and Brendan.

Sarah Kate said...

Julie definitely had her Texas-hair on last night! I'm glad you noticed that, too! :o)

If America votes to put Brendan back into the game, I'm going to have to move to Australia or something. I will have lost all faith in my fellow man. Him and Rachel make me wanna stab myself in the forehead. I can't stand how she always plays the victim. PLEASE let her get voted out this week!!! :o)

Johanson Family said...

I LOVE GOOD MAIL TOO!!! haven't gotten any in a while- So, I think the reason the eggs and bacon do not look good to me is b/c the bacon doesn't look like its cooked. Is it?
It makes me so happy to have a blog pal who is addicted to Big Brother!! Julie's outfits and hair-- and make up-- was that a MASSIVE piece of glitter in her eye or what... is always fun to see.

Connie Weiss said...

I really did try to watch BIG BROTHER but they all annoyed me.

I bought some awesome bacon but I had to take a break from it because I was getting tired of it.

I need to find some other breakfast sausage to mix it up!

sarajo said...

We haven't opened our bacon yet. Criminal, I know.

BB, ugh, I like someones comment about wanted to stab themselves over Rachel and Brenndon. I just don't get it. I really don't. I loved her comment last night, No one is going to hire me, I'm not smart. So true!

Ashley said...

Yay for good mail and babysitting money! Hope the work is easy for you and worth the money! Have a great weekend!

stephanie said...

mmm quesadillas are now on my to do list for the weekend!!!

Impulsive Addict said...

You are such a healthy eater!!! It all sounds good too.

I'm so sick of Rachel and if Jeff gets booted, I will be PISSED! I'm in love with Bachelor Pad. Did you watch that last night?

Helene said...

I watched the first season of BB and then never watched it again. Not sure why because I did find it pretty entertaining!

Wish you lived closer to me...I'd totally hook you up with tons of babysitting gigs!! Although my kids would quickly become your "family I don't really like to babysit for"!