Friday, June 17, 2011

Weekly Wrap-Up

EDIT: I totally had this linked up to something that it really shouldn't have been linked up to.  My mistake!  Either way, I still wanted to give you all a wrap up of the week.  If you're here from the link up, sorry!  If you're one of my usual followers, well you know I love you! :)

Can I first just say, HAPPY FRIDAY?  4:30 can't get here fast enough!

Onto the week...

I'm finally (sort of) back on the diet bandwagon.  I've gained 5, yes 5 pounds since my Memorial Day camping trip, so that's over the course of what?  Three weeks I guess.  I'll do an official Fat Ass Friday link up sometime this weekend to be honest with myself, and with all of you, but to say that I'm 100% back on board would be a fib.  I've been doing OK with exercising, I've been trying different videos and doing C25K.  My shins are OK as well...icing them right after working out seems to help.  My favorite workout video right now is Crunch Cardio Dance Blast.  This is my most favorite work out video EVER and I was so thrilled to have found it on instant play on Netflix because I lost my copy when I moved and haven't been able to find a replacement.  Next up on my queue are a bunch of DWTS workout dvds....we'll see how they go.  I have 2 left feet so it's difficult for me to find dance videos that I can actually keep up with.

I haven't done any biking really so I'm hoping to get a good ride in this weekend, although I'm not sure what the weather is going to be like.  Some foods that I've been enjoying this week include:

Red grapes - seriously!  I didn't realize how much I loved grapes, but these really hit the spot.  They're sweet and refreshing.

Wasa Crackers - I picked these up on a whim grocery shopping this week because they were so low in calories and I find they make a perfect lunch with chicken salad.  Three crackers and 2 oz of chicken salad is about 150 calories.  Pair it with a cheese stick and grapes, there's a lovely little lunch.

Newton's Fruit Crisps - I had tried these when they first came out in the apple, but wasn't overly thrilled with them.  For some reason I decided to try the Mixed Berry and I LOVE them.  They're like blueberry pop tars!  And only 100 calories a package!
In other news...

My life has been taken over by a teen drama called Make It or Break It.  It's one of those epically terrible ABC Family shows that follows the lives of four elite gymnasts that are eyeing for the 2012 London Games.  It binds my love of the Olympics and terrible television together and has made me a zombie since last Saturday when I first started watching it on Netflix.  I watch it every free chance I get....seriously, I didn't even watch The Bachelorette Monday because of it.  I'm ALMOST done watching all the episodes, and I'll be devastated if I find out they're done making episodes for it because I NEED to know if these girls are going to the Olympics.

I wish I could say I have good news about the job that I posted about here, but I really don't.  I went for an HR screening interview on Monday and was told that I'd hear back sometime this week if they wanted to set up a manager interview with me or I'd hear in writing if they wanted to pass on me.  I think I would've heard from them by now if they needed me to come in again.  I'm upset about the missed opportunity because I think I would've really enjoyed the job, but I'm mostly upset that I'm still stuck in my current position.  I also have to say that the interview really didn't leave me with a good feeling when I left - it was cold and scripted and made it difficult to get personal with the HR person (who wasn't that friendly).  I can honestly say I've never had a bad interview, but this definitely wasn't that great.  Either way, I was practically in tears 15 minutes into my morning today because of a jerk technician and I've just had it with this position and am seriously itching to get out ASAP.

My guy friend loved his frame (or at least did a good job of acting like he loved it) and because of my "awesome gift" he allowed me to watch Make It or Break It last night.  I love when he lets me watch what I want and in general just sitting next to him and enjoying the evening.  It had been way too long since I had seen him since he was away last weekend!

I sent out two swap packages this week.  A Swap-Bot swap and Becca's Flip Flop Exchange.  I had a lot of fun putting the packages together and I hope both of my swap partner's enjoy them!

Up on the plate for weekend would be...not a whole lot.  Like I mentioned I'd like to get a good bike ride in and I would like to visit the new coffee shop down the road from me for a bagel one morning.  I have some serious cleaning that needs to be done, for one person I make awful big messes in my apartment!  Hopefully everyone had a lovely week and is enjoying their Friday!


Miss Angie said...

Fantastic, this is so awesome I mentioned it today in my post! :)

I love the tips, I'm going to have to try the crisps and the crackers! Yum!

Ashley said...

I love red grapes too. I've been eating those, cherries and mostly.. watermelon lately! Yum!

Awesome job on the frame! It looks so cool!

I've never seen the Wasa crackers, I will have to look out for those and try them. They sound pretty good. Ahh.. I heart fig newtons in a major way. I tried those crisps before and wasn't blown away. I think it was the apple though.

sarajo said...

Sorry to hear about the job. Hopefully, you'll find something you will LOVE! {{{HUGS}}} for the jerk this morning. Not cool!
Sorry about the weight gain. I think we all do that sometimes. Good luck getting back in the swing of things. You CAN do this!!

Sharla said...

My weight has been creeping up the last few months too. I know that it is completely stress-related eating, but I am hoping to shave those pesky 10 pounds off by the end of the summer. Good luck to you on your health kick!

stephanie said...

boo about the job- I know that sucks. and thank you, now I'm craving grapes :)

Connie Weiss said...

I bet there's a great job out there waiting for you!

I love wasa crackers with tuna salad (posted a new recipe on my food blog).

Grapes are on sale this week so we've been eating lots of them!

Have a great weekend!

Connie Weiss said...

And GASP! You didn't watch The Bachelorette?

Ixy said...

It's not a good sign at all if you don't enjoy the interview, so probably for the best. But when things are crappy at your current job, it's hard to see it that way, I know!

Those crisps look good - I like pop tarts too, but they don't go well with the whole weight thing.

Stacie said...

Just hold out on the job front, something will come along.

And I had no idea you could get exercise videos on Netflix Instant, gonna check it out for sure.

Lindsey said...

I just started watching Make it or break it!! ADDICTING!! I love it! Good show!! ha ha

Brandy@YDK said...

i have netflix - do i need to be watching this make or break it show?