Monday, May 9, 2011

Egg Rolls!!!!!!


I can't stop thinking about egg rolls!  I want one!  I NEED one!

I took my mummy to a buffet yesterday for Mother's Day hoping they'd have egg rolls there...they didn't.  But they did have a delicious "sweet and spicy pork ribs".  I may or may not have ate way too much...but it was what she wanted!

Egg rolls, egg rolls, egg rolls!


I'd like to take a minute to clairify one of my confessions from Friday.  The one about me breaking up with some blogs.  A couple of people genuinely thought that I would break up with them, who I would never imagine doing so!  It seemed the bloggers that mean the most to me were questioning if they were commenting me enough or keeping up with my blog.

That was NOT my intention.

I am NOT a greedy comment whore!  I love each and every comment that is made on ANY of my posts, hell it amazes me that people even READ my entries let alone comment on them.  I'm blessed to have had the opportunity to meet some awesome people through blogging and each day am meeting more and more individuals, it really has opened up a whole new world for me.

Without giving too much away, my frustration came from:

Blogger A: Who never awknowledged my exisistance no matter how many times I commented on their blog (which was pretty frequently).  This upsets me makes me feel STALKERISH!  So in an effort to avoid feeling like I was stalking this person, I stopped.

Blogger B: Who hosts a link up that I participated in frequently and I never heard anything from this person...EVER.  Not the times I linked up, or the times I commented on their blog...after thinking about it I thought, "Maybe I'm just spoiled because Mamarazzi, Shawn, IA, Janette and Glamazon all do such an AMAZING job or replying to MY linkups that they do way more than anyone else in the bloggy world does!"

Which...very well could be the case, so let's take a second to cheer on these ladies because combined they host MORE than THREE link ups a week, some of which have over 60 participants!  That's a lot of responding to people!

But that's what I'm after...being made feel like I'm NOT a stalker.

Replying to my comments to you helps that!  And you don't have to reply to EVERY one, becuase you just might not have something to say to me in return (and that's OK!)...but just help me feel less stalkerish...that's all.

And I certinately would hope that people that comment on my blog do it because they genuinely want to share something with me, and not because they feel like they have to...because well, then it becomes more like work, and if I hate work...then I expect everyone else to as well. :P

So that's that.

Although my weekend was less than productive (extremely so), I did have a very productive evening!  I did a total cleaning of my car (trust me, you wouldn't have wanted to see a before), I got ripped off by selling back old DVDs for quick cash (including entire seasons of shows for a mere $5...Yea...good thing I bought them used to begin with) and had a good workout.

Tomorrow is weigh in and I'm hoping I lost that damn .5 pound as well as at least another .5.  I feel I did fine this week, although I did eat a lot of turkey tacos and mac and cheese at the buffet....

But weekend calories don't count, right? ;)


A Randomlicious Blog for the Soul said...

I'm so glad your mom brunch went well! I'm a sucker for the Crab Rangoon! LOVES IT

LOL to the Blog breakups.....I can understand the not wanting to be stalkerish part.

Mamarazzi, Shawn, IA, Glamazon, and Janette should all get stars or awards or something for being such great bloggy hosts..seriously. They do a great job with the linkys!

Oh P.S....Weekend Calories Definitely do NOT count.

stephanie said...

I'm a crab rangoon fan too! But now an eggroll sounds amazing!!!

Lauren said...

You have to eat a lot at a buffet to make sure you get your money's worth..haha.

Now I'm craving Chinese buffet food. Mmmmmmm...

Ashley said...

I heart eggrolls! Especially dipped in the sauce from my Chicken in Garlic Sauce! Ok, now I want chinese. I blame you! :)

What are weekend calories? Never heard of em.

Connie said...

I love eggrolls....but they always disappoint me. I need to find the perfect eggroll!

Now I want chinese food! :)

Brandy@YDK said...

weekend calories never count. i don't like egg rolls but I get mad cravings for random things and can't stop thinking about them. like gas station burritos.

VandyJ said...

I recently broke up with some blogs--mostly the kind that are all reviews all the time and they post like three times a day. They kind of make me nuts--they also have like 2000 followers and really won't miss me. Some times you just have to drop some people. No one wants to feel like a stalker.