Tuesday, April 19, 2011


They say it's 45 outside right now, I beg to differ.  I've been freezing all day!  Especially down in the dungeon where I work, yikes.  Anytime now can show your face anytime...

So I'm going to be honest here, I totally forgot to take pictures of everything I ate today which is hardcore proof that I'm out of the habit of doing so, but I would still like to share with you what I ate as well as a picture of the one meal I did remember to snap a picture of.

Cinnamon Rasin Bagel Thin 110
Low Fat Cream Cheese 30
Fruit Cup 60
Total: 200 calories

Annies Organic Cheese Ravioli 180
Salad Mix w/ FF Catalina 80
Hard Boiled Egg 70
Total: 330

6" Turkey Sub 280
Baked Lays 140
Total: 420

I love Subway.  I used to really NOT like Subway, but over the past year or so I've come to really appreciate it.  This sub doesn't really look that good, but it was DELICIOUS and it hit the spot.

I also had a piece of cake today, but I'm not sure how many calories it was.  It wasn't a very big piece but it was sugary and very tasty.

I've been enjoying these over the past few days while at work:
Jolly Rancher Hard Candy - Original Flavors - 12 Bags (7 oz ea)

These are kind of a lot of calories for what little bit they are (70 for 3) but I average two a day.  They're just nice in the afternoon when I'm totally bored, usually starving and drained from the day - it might be a better idea to switch to a peppermint or something...maybe I'll switch it up with something different when the bag of these in my desk is gone.

I'm exhausted today - I don't even think I'll be able to stay awake for DWTS. Lourie I'm counting on your review tomorrow!  I'm thinking that either Kendra or Petra will be going home. 

As usual I'm loving Jamie Oliver.  I love his passion and drive - he's such an inspiration and it upsets me that he's meeting such resistance in LA.  Schools are supposed to be protecting children - not leading them on a road of obesity, heart disease and diabetes.

I did have a TOPS meeting tonight, but I'm going to save the results for Brandy's Fat Ass Friday.  So you will just have to wait! ;)


sarajo said...

You're such a tease! I want to know if you got to your half way point or not!

And I get the Subway thing. My Dad LOVES Subway. So we would go a lot when I was in high school. Thus, making me hate it. But then, when I started to want to get healthy many years later, I totally loved it. Still do!

Mamarazzi said...

Subway has come a loooong way!! i actually have it a couple times a week if it is a busy one. fast, easy, fairly good for you and yummy!


Ashley said...

I love Subways food. My problem is that I hate going to get Subway. The Subways around me are in pretty busy locations/not easy access. Sigh. I wish Subways had a drive thru. :) Nonetheless, I'm actually having Subway for lunch today. lol And everytime I get Subway, Baked Lays are a MUST! Barbeque or Sour Cream and Onion. :)

Connie said...

Subway rocks!! It's one of the only fast food places that my kids really like and ask for all the time.

I love Jolly Ranchers!! Do you remember when they used to sell them in a flat stick?

Brandy@YDK said...

look at you - teasing us with your weight loss.

i like subway but i wish the one by my work was faster. they all act like they are on meth.