Thursday, April 21, 2011


I'm so thrilled the week is almost over.  That means I have one week until my THREE DAY WEEKEND!!!

Yes - this is how I am all the time.  Over the holiday season we had an "extra" holiday that we could use between Thanksgiving and New Years, I chose to use mine during the New Years holiday and I counted down for that four day weekend for a whole month.

Work has actually been fairly quiet this week.  However we've been having a technical issue with some of our customers and it's really frustrating because the guy who SHOULD be looking into it and getting it taken care of...isn't.  He's just like, ignoring it and not telling us anything about it.  So a customer will call and be like, "Hey I'm concerned about this particular thing" and I have to be like, "Yeaaaa wellll, we know it's an issue and we're working on it" when in reality all I want to do is just forward the call to the jerk that's ignoring the problem (and yes, he's a total jerk).

No rain today, hooray!  Tomorrow is supposed to be the nicest day, it's unfortunate that I have to spend it in the basement of a building. :(

I felt extremely productive after work today.  From work I went to the gym and did 30 minutes on the elliptical!

I'd like to take a minute here to complain about my gym.  I use a local Planet Fitness.'s KIND of out of the way for me to go there, wether I'm going from work or going from home.  So that's not overly convienient., but I do it because I pay $10/mo and I'm not in a contract so I can cancel at anytime without an issue.

So today I went in and it was busy but not as packed as it has been - as you can imagine at $10/mo or $20/mo including tanning, there's a lot of kids that use this gym and in general it's just always really busy when I go so I'm used to it.  I went in to have my tag scanned and was greeted by a guy hunched over the counter on the phone and a girl texting.  She finally came over to me and said, "I'm not really working..."

Yes, because I love hanging out at work in work attire at the main desk when I'm not really working.  *eye roll*

Then the locker room was packed and I don't change in the locker room I change in the one dressing room they have, which was occupied so I had to change in a bathroom stall - which I could've multitasked with by going potty but, there was no toliet paper.  Psh.

As I was plugging away on my machine of COURSE someone gets on a machine right next to me when there are a good four machines open on either side of me.  As some of you know, this infuriates me.

So I'm done with you Planet Fitness.  There's a gym closer to my work that is $16/mo and there's a gym that I could actually bike to that's having a $15/mo special right now.  I've also completed my Y financial assistance application and will be handing it in tomorrow.  I'm willing to pay a little bit more if it's closer to home, since I'd be saving on gas.  Although with gas at $4/gallon now, I'm not sure I'm EVER saving on gas.

So anyway, after my 30 minute work out I came home and made some dinner.  I didn't have any clean dishes - so I had to clean a fork and eat off tin'll see that mess tomorrow.

After dinner I went for a bike ride.  Because I went to the gym already I decided to do the shorter but more hilly end of the trail.  It was chilly!  My hands were frozen for the first 15 minutes of my ride, but then the wind started to subside.
Going down this end of the trail is easy but going back up is kind of crappy.  The other side of the trail is fairly flat until you get into the bigger towns.  Below you can kind of see a smaller hill that greets me on my way back...

This trail runs along what's known as the Feeder Canal.  I actually didn't realize it had an official "ending point" until today:

In case if you can't read it, the sign says, "Feder Canal Bike Trail Ends Here".  So abrupt.
The trail follows a series of "locks" along the canal.  This is what I believe many people refer to as "The Five Combines".  This isn't the best picture of them, but I didn't want to start going up that hill and stopping half way to take a picture.  Once I get going I have to keep going or I'm not going to get up it.  It's a pretty daunting hill that I dread everytime I'm coming back.  I'm not good with hills - but I always conquer this one.

I biked a total of 4.68 miles in 39 minutes.

After I got home I also conquered the dishes.  All of them.  So then it was time for MUCH deserved tubby time:

And that's a glass of caffiene free Diet Coke...LIVING ON THE EDGE HERE!!!

Did well with food today, although I can't say I did any better on getting pictures.

Bagel Thin w/ CC  140
Turkey Sausage  40


Yes this is a recycled picture, but it's still what I had!  I did pack a salad to bring with me to lunch, but I couldn't figure out what to bring with it and just a salad would've never held me over through the gym and to dinner time so I threw it in the fridge for dinner and decided to get Subway.  I'm waiting for my lifetime supply of subs for all this advertising Subway...

6" Turkey  280
Baked Lays  140


I came home and devoured the salad I made while my flatbread pizza cooked (approx 110 cals)

And the pizza 200 cals

I also had two packages of those cookies again...heh idk why I buy those things, I never eat just one package.

Not bad at all.  I think I'm getting back on track.  I did drink a lot of Diet Coke today though and not a whole lot of water.  I FEEL dehydrated.  My skin is dry, my lips are dry and I feel like I'm retaining a lot of water...gotta work on getting more of that in.

On another note, I lost my cheapo Blackberry headphones and am stuck using these terrible SkullCandy ones that don't stay in my ears.  Even the smallest pads are too big and they constantly fall out.  I wish I could find my other ones...

Oh and;


7 DAYS!!!!!!


stephanie said...

I loathe when someone gets on the machine right next to me at the gym when there are available ones NOT right next to me! It's a personal pet peeve too :)

sarajo said...

Why do I read your posts at night. It makes me hungry. Why do you tempt a pregnant lady??? Not fair! LOL!

Ashley said...

Love all the pictures! I go to my local Planet Fitness too. They are ok. Their's is actually only 2 miles or so from work so that's why I'm going. I really wish they had a sauna though! Yay for no rain! We are about to get a few days of it here but we finally had a 2 day break the past 2 days! I also take a magazine to read in a bubble bath too. It's about the only time I Have to read it! lol

Brandy@YDK said...

Looks like a good bike ride. i think it's hilarious that you admitted you didn't have any clean dishes.

Brandy@YDK said...

oh and i'm really behind on blogs.