Saturday, April 23, 2011

Fat Ass Friday

I'm checking in for Brandy's Fat Ass Friday!

Firstly I'd like to say that the ladies that check in for this are ROCKING this whole weight loss thing.  I hope everyone is proud of the progress they're making, because I think it's awesome!

Secondly, I didn't check in after my TOPS meeting on Tuesday as I'd like to devote that to FAF, but let me share my stats with you first:

Weekly Stats:
Starting weight: 192.0
Last week's weight: 167.5
Current weight: 167.0
Weight +GAIN / -LOSS this week: -.5
Total weight lost: -25.0

So there you have it, another half a pound loss.  As much as I still love having losses, these half pound losses are PAINFULLY ANNOYING AND I KNOW IT'S ALL MY FAULT!  Of course I'm only going to lose half a pound a week when I'm eating 1500 calories a day.  My weight has dropped, my BMR has dropped, it's going to take a lot LESS calorie consumption to create bigger deficits, but gosh darnit it's HARD!  I feel like I've been saying I've got 3 pounds to my halfway mark for a WHOLE MONTH.  That is such an easily reachable goal IF I COULD JUST STOP ALLOWING MYSELF TO HAVE THOSE EXTRA CALORIES!

On that note, I didn't do terrible this week.  I've counted EVERYTHING that I ate and have stayed between 1200-1500 calories, but I still think that's only going to merit another half a pound come next Tuesday.

Oh BTW, THIS came back yesterday:
As you already know - I've been waiting VERY patiently for it.  I had one with dinner yesterday, and I just made sure I counted the calories with it.  It's not quite as lemony as it was last year which I appreciate....and boy was it delicious!

I'm limiting myself to THREE tonight as it's movie night with a certain boy.

I AM a HUGE beer fan - maybe I'll take a picture of my fridge to show you my stash someday.  Since I've been dieting however, I've really cut back.  Right now however, it's PAINFUL, last summer this was my drink.  I sat on the porch in the sunshine enjoying my beer with friends, or I'd go to the bars on the lake and enjoy a glass while overlooking the water or I'd have a glass while enjoying a nighttime fire with good friends.

It's fine to have as long as I'm not overindulging, right??  Moderation is key.

Moderation is key.


Fiona said...

I often save points (WW) for wine and if I go over it's always either for wine or lattes :) I guess we have to have our vices as long as we practice them in moderation.

stephanie said...

Oh that beer looks phenomenal! I love beer and can't wait to indulge a bit once I have this baby :)

sarajo said...

Moderation is the key! Just keep at it and you'll hit your goal!

Connie said...

Yes. Moderation. Or decide what you have to cut out to enjoy it. Like carbs or meat. LOL!

I love sitting on the porch with a cold beer in the summer!!

Do you have an iPhone? You need the untapped app.

Dillypoo said...

It's all about making healthy choices and finding ways to work in those special treats, like beer!

I followed you from Brandy's FAF (I'm a bit late to the commenting party).

Brandy@YDK said...

you keep talking about that beer and now I REALLY REALLY want some. good for you and your 25 pounds!