Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Talk To Us Tuesday

I've not been a very good bloggy friend and linking up with the one of my favorite bloggers, the fabulous IA and Shawn for their weekly blog link up. Well today is the day, and it's going to happen again and again (get it, get it???  I know Sara does!).  Oh and I have to say you must go read their posts in particular, they've been spending the last week or so together and from what I've read I've gathered that IA should probably go visit an AA meeting and Shawn wears Depends.  :)

Anyway, I've been wanting to do a post about this since the gruesome discovery last week because I'm just totally baffled by it.  Today marks the perfect day to do so.

I buy bananas.  A lot of bananas.  I buy them because they're cheap, with the size I buy they're about 100 calories, they keep me full and they allow me to get a fruit serving in each day.  Oh and I can usually buy a bunch and have them last me a week.  Key word being USUALLY.

Last week I bought a bunch, I believe on a Monday.  They were still slightly green, but edible.  I came home from work on I think maybe Wednesday or Thursday to this:


For one, why only the bottoms of the bananas????  And why on only two???

And how did it happen so fast?  I mean literally in the span of 8 hours the tips of these bananas went from yellow to black!

How does that happen?!

I considered just slicing them up to the black part and still eating them, but I couldn't bring myself to do it.  Something was obviously terribly wrong with these bananas to only have had the last inch of the banana completely rot in less than a day.  I most likely would've been poisoned by eating them, so I threw them out.  Before you yell at me through your screen for being so wasteful, I only threw out the two obviously poisoned ones, I did eat the other one.

In other news, I just got an e-mail from the Coach Factory Outlet indicating that there is going to be a gigantic exclusive invite only online sale tomorrow at 2PM.

special preview

I went to the site.  I fell in love with several of the bags.  I need a new bag for the winter.  My ATM card will probably be hidden under my mouse pad so that I can place an order while "working".  I've had a surplus of cash lately, may as well spend it on a purse that's way too expensive....right?


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Jill said...

Eeek! Bananas are weird. I'm trying to learn to love them - really, I am - but I like them when they still have a little green on the peel, when they're firm and still a little tough. But that stage pretty much only lasts a day (if that)...But if they were that black, I'd be chucking them too! haha!!

Enjoy your splurge on a Coach bag...they're the best!!

Connie said...

Are the bananas bruised?

I told Keith on Sunday that I REALLY want a Coach purse and he said NO.

How do I get my email on that list?

Miss Angie said...

I hate bananas once they get mushy. How weird that it was only the bottom.

Those purses are cute.

Vivian said...

I'm with you. I could never eat a banana looking like that. But when they look like that they are perfect to make banana bread with

Impulsive Addict said...

You are too funny! Thanks for that amazing intro! AA is calling my name. My liver needs a break!

Yucky bananas gross me out! I love them best when they're still a little green!

Girl, get a new expensive purse! You deserve it!

Thanks for linking up!!

Heather's Happenings said...

Don't worry, I would have tossed those two bananas too! That's crazy how the bottoms went bad so fast.

Hahaha love that IA needs to go to AA and Shawn needs depends.

Sarah Kate said...

Woah. I've never seen bananas do that. There was definitely something up with those!!! Glad you didn't eat them, or even feed them to pets or something. :o)

Megan said...

I've never seen a banana go brown from just one end. Clearly something nefarious is at hand!

Mamarazzi said...

oh yeah, squishy bananas are yucky, i even have a hard time using them for banana bread. strange how it browned like THAT...

Shawn said...

Those banana look like they may have played a very dirty game called just the tip with someone while you were at work!

If you're able to get the just the tip visual out of your head next time make banana bread, brown bananas make the best bread!

You're right, IA does need to go to AA and I do have seriouos bladder, and now thanks to here liver, issues!

If you have so much extra money I'll be happy to send you my address!

Thanks for linking up and for the shout outs!

Stacie said...

If I even smell a banana, I will hurl......and I just did a little Gwen Stefani trying to make sure I spelled banana right...

stephanie said...

those bananas look awful- good thing you trashed them! definitely get a purse, you NEED it. and at a sale price from the outlet? it's like they gave it to you... at least that's what I tell my husband ;) which ones are you eyeing?

sarajo said...

I get it!!! (Although, I had to have my hubby google it to make sure it was a Dexter quote!)

Brown bananas are kind a scary. But they aren't that bad. Shawn is right, they make the best banana bread!

Date Girl said...

I can't stand a mushy banana. Maybe your house got too hot? That's so weird! I do love banana bread, but I hate peeling apart the mushy banana. I'm such a girl!

Ashley said...

THIS!! Oh my, this summer I bought strawberries on a Saturday or Sunday and by Monday after work I came home to MOLD all over my strawberries. I was so peeved. Seriously! And strawberries aren't on the cheap side either!

Sarah Kate said...

I realize I've already commented on this, but I have to ask you a favor. :o) I changed my URL today and I'm curious if my new posts are showing up in the 'Blogs I'm Following Section'. Can you check for me??

BTW - It'll show up as 'Nothing But Blue Skies', not the old name!

Rebecca said...

When I joined the Army, and I'd been not spending everything I was making for 6 months the first thing I did was splurge on a Coach bag!! I'd never been able to allow myself to do it before, but I figured at that point I had earned it :)

Grumpy Grateful Mom said...

I've NEVER had bananas just brown at the bottom before--how odd. Though I used to love speckles bananas as a child--they were sweeter. :)