Thursday, September 8, 2011

The Business of Being a Bad Blogger

So I haven’t been around…since like LAST Wednesday??
The sad thing is I had a post for last Friday, but since I can’t ever get the self publishing feature to work, and I was just too lazy, it didn’t get published.
Props for effort?
I tried to get around to my most favorite blogs in the blogging world today, I feel like I’m missing out on so much!  The good news is, a few of you were slightly slackerish as well and that made me feel better. Smile
So what’s the deal?  Is it the rain (it hasn’t stopped raining here since like…Tropical Storm Irene)?  Is it the transition of seasons?  See, once we get that one 60 degree day in the end of August, that’s the end of our summer.  We are officially in Fall here in Upstate NY.  Or am I just a general bum??
I blame the first option.
So as much as everyone dislikes the rain, we had a GLORIOUS, practically rain free summer.  I feel like we’re catching up now!  The rain has a bit of a relaxing trait to it, I like coming home and lighting up my candles, putting on sweats and enjoying the evening (although my gym would rather me be visiting it I’m sure).  I’ll appreciate the rain for now…so long as it’s not flooding out my trails and roads (most of which will be reopening this weekend, hooray!).
I have nothing to report from Labor Day Weekend.  Well, it rained.  It rained and I watched the first couple of seasons of Grey’s Anatomy.  You know, when it was good.  Before Lexi came into the picture, before Addison left to go fall in love with Taye Diggs, before Izzie went nutzo and before the actress that plays her became an ungrateful bitch.
Oh wait, I didn’t mean that.
Actually I did – I can’t help it, I’m a celeb gossip hound and she does not fair well in our eyes.
Anyway, what happened to that show?  It used to be REALLY good.
Did you know that my cat Preston was named after Dr Preston Burke??  He was one of my most favorite characters on that show.  So sad.
Today was the first day of school here in my area.  I was slightly irritated when I went to leave for work and there was a shortbus blocking my car in…yet another reason to dislike the people who live behind me!
I’ve been trying my hand at being crafty.  I’m working on a cloth scrap wreath…it’s missing something…some “umpf”.  So I’m letting it sit, hopefully it’ll come to me before fall is over, since I’m aiming for it to be a fall decoration.  Pictures will come when I get it figured out.
I’ve also decided that newborn baby photography creeps me out and seems slightly mean.  I mean, would YOU like it if someone stripped you down while you were sleeping and then squished you up into a ball and took pictures of you??  Probably not.

GIANT anxiety attack waiting to happen, what happens if that’s not tied up there right??  If that infant fell?!? 

Naked baby sleeping and laying on a chest with an unfortunate head piece.  RUDE!

This can’t be real, right??  It’s photoshopped, it has to be.  Because why would you put a sleeping baby on top of an unstable pile of towels and then proceed to tie a bow around it???  BAD IDEA AND NOT CUTE AT ALL!!!

No surprise, thanks Pinterest for giving me the crafting itch and for helping me decide that newborn photography creeps me out.

Hope everyone is having a great week!!


stephanie said...

hahaha you are going to loathe my post for tomorrow. baby photography galore- big bows, nakedness and all :)

Connie said...

What about those babies that they put in pumpkins and flower pots!!

I miss you...

A Randomlicious Blog for the Soul said...

I agree with Grey's I recently watched all seasons and Dr. Burke was definitely one of my fav's. You can't argue with how steamy mcsteamy is though..right? :)

THe earlier seasons were better. Although I'm still looking forward to season 8 and they better have it cause the way they left season7 was terrible.

LOL to the creepy newborn photos. I've seen a few that really creeped me out. People try to outdo Anne Geddes and it just flops miserably.
I'm trying to muster up some confessions for Friday and I'm having a hard time!!!

sarajo said...

And that is why we have never done a newborn photo session! lol!

I still like Grey's. Sorry. I just like crap tv I guess.

I missed you! I was just thinking today, you haven't posted in a week. Glad you are back and enjoying the rain! We still haven't gotten any rain.

Vivian said...

I never dared saying anything about newborn photos when all the comments you read are people going: "WOW" "AWWWW" " SO SWEET" but deep inside that's how I felt! Glad there is someone brave enough to stand against all "evil" ;)
Welcome back!

Ixy said...

OK that one of the poor baby hanging off the door is both weird and likely very uncomfortable! People get a little crazy with their babies - hence why we have a show like Toddlers and Tiaras (well that's more like extreme crazy).

And Katherine Heigl should keep her big rude mouth shut.

Ashley said...

Glad you're back! I have been slacking a little myself!

I haven't gotten into Greys yet but I hear its good. We're still on 24.

I think *some* baby pictures like those are cute. Never one hanging on a door and the stack of towels doesn't impress me a bit but the trunk one, well I just think the bow and colors are horrible lol.

Have a great weekend!

Anonymous said...

You know, I kind of like the changes that Grey's has gone through - minus the whole Izzie stuff, that was weird. And my favorite character on the show is Lexie (and not just b/c she has my daughter's name). :o) Why don't you like her?? You have to admit she IS less annoying now than she was the first season they introduced her!

When I see naked baby photography, the first thought that comes to my head many babies have peed all over that trunk, blanket, pile of towels, whatever. :o) I mean, really? I wouldn't want to have to clean all my props all the time. But the nakedness thing is sorta sweet. :o)

Impulsive Addict said...

I'm with you on Grey's. I was a faithful watcher until 2 seasons ago. I decided I was done with it. I'm not surprised it's being cancelled (or got cancelled). I just tend to stick to reality tv shows. They can't let me down.

BUT....I saw some pretty funny sitcoms coming this fall. I'll give them a try.

Ok, newborn pics CAN be cute but the ones you selected are a little scary. I did take a couple of naked pics of a teeny tiny Emma Kate but not on a stack of freaking unstable towels! Or hanging from a door. That's just not right!

Miss Angie said...

I LOVE the rain. love love love, and wish we had more of it.

I also love Grey's, but it is getting worse and worse... Though I still don't stop watching it haha

Brandy@YDK said...

you crack me up. i miss the old grey's too. i stopped watching it.

some newborn photog is uberable. that's like uber adorable - i just made that up. gonna be a thing potential?

Emmy said...

Hanging picture either is actually laying flat camera person up above or they photoshop out the persons hand holding the baby underneath. :)

Sometimes I miss the rain- we don't get it too often here

Stacie said...

Love sleeping in the rain, so peaceful.

And I love saying "RUDE!"

Anonymous said...

I like the sleeping baby pics usually, but these ones are strange.