Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Summer Wish List Update

A little over a month ago I posted a Summer Wish List that was prompted by MamaKat's weekly writing prompts.  My list consisted of 50 things that I wanted to accomplish before the summer was over.  I've been working quite hard on the list and have crossed many things off!  However, I've also come to realize that some of the items are not realistic or just plain not going to happen, and that's OK.  The point is I made the list, I've been crossing a lot off (and am continuing to do so) and I'm having a blast doing it.

I've blogged about many of the things I've done, but I wanted to do a general overview of what has been accomplished.  The list and it's current standings is as follows...

1) Camp
2) Hike Mount Marcy (the highest peak in the Adirondacks)
3) Take a trip to Lake Placid
4) Get a tan
5) Visit a beach
6) Bike to Lake George
7) Get Cooper's Cave ice cream
8) See fireworks
9) Do some kind of volunteer work
10) Get summer pictures developed
11) Find a new job
12) Lose 15 pounds by my birthday
13) Take any birthday money I get and get a new digital camera
14) Take a picture every day
15) Run a mile without stopping
16) Bake
17) Canoe/Kayak
18) Swim
19) Sit around a fire with good friends
20) Grill
21) Go to the drive in
22) See the last Harry Potter IMAX style
23) Do some kind of outside activity every day that it isn't raining
24) Cancel my credit card before they charge me the outrageous annual fee
25) Put all babysitting money towards paying off said credit card
26) Visit a museum/tourist attraction
27) Paint my toenails either green or yellow (I stay away from these colors because I"m afraid people will think I have some kind of fungus, but there are some green and yellow polish that I LOVE!)
28) Go to the Cheesecake Factory
29) Do something with my porch like add some hanging plants or plant flowers in the boxes, so that I want to spend more time out there.
30) Get my final Forever Adirondack pin in Ticonderoga
31) Participate in an Adirondack Mountain Club function
32) Finally burn the collection of movies I have sitting on my computer and add them to my book
33) Spend a day going to garage sales
34) Read 3 books
35) Host a blog giveaway
36) Participate in a blog swap
37) Get some good BBQ
38) Make my pasta salad
39) Bike 100 miles in one month
40) Have a drink on the lake
41) Send more happy mail
42) Visit my aunts and uncle
43) Add pictures to my adventure journal
44) Visit a brewery I haven't gone to before
45) Get a haircut
46) Wear a dress
47) Make smore's OVER A FIRE (I have a gas stove and sometimes make them with those flames, haha)
48) Go to The Great Escape
49) Donate blood
50) Visit the track during track season

Don't ya'll laugh at my lack of MS Paint skills.

Some of the things that I know I won't be getting to on this list would be;

  • Losing 15 pounds by my birthday.  It's in 2 weeks, and I haven't been "dieting" I've been maintaining and don't plan on seriously dieting again until the 1st.  So that's a no go, and I won't even stretch it to 15 pounds by the end of the summer, instead I'll say 5 pounds by the end of August?
  • Hiking Mount Marcy.  As much as I would've loved to have done this, I'm not conditioned to do it just yet.  My real hiking season doesn't really kick in until mid August and although that will allow for a couple of the smaller high peaks, by the time I'd be ready for Marcy there would be threats of snow on top.  So, maybe next summer.
  • Get my last Forever Adirondack pin.  This would require a day trip to Ticonderoga during the week, since I don't have time off to use and can't afford to take a day off during the week, I probably won't get to this one.  I'm also unsure if they're still offering the pins as it was a promotion from last summer.
  • Take a picture everyday, do an outside activity every day that it's not raining...I've failed miserably at both of these.  However it doesn't mean that I haven't taken a lot of pictures or haven't spent a lot of time outside.
So that still leaves a lot to be done!  I'm going for my 100 bike miles in the month of August, I'm in the midst of reading two books, I've been sending quite a bit of happy mail and am starting to think about what to put together for a blog giveaway!

So, I know a bunch of you came up with summer lists of your own, how are you doing with yours?  Where do you stand on the things YOU'VE done this summer??

Happy Wednesday!


Impulsive Addict said...

GIRL! Your list is amazing! It just may inspire me to come up with some activities and goals for August. Our weather has been too hot do do anything outside so that kind of sucks. Triple digits for 22 days in a row is ridiculous.

Good luck in August!! =)

Connie Weiss said...

You are doing great! I consider myself lucky if I do half of the things on my list!

I just checked off the things on our summer list and we're a little behind.

Jill said...

You're doing a great job! So much crossed off already! I have a 101 List, and I haven't done ANYTHING on it this summer...I need to draw inspiration from you! :)

Johanson Family said...

Gosh, I hate to even bring my list out and look at it-- I think I've conquered maybe 1 or 2 things... the rest were merely just 'hopes/dreams/wishes' of things I could do over the summer.. you're doing GREAT!!! :)

sarajo said...

Looks like a fun summer. You are doing well at your list. I guess that means I should update mine too. lol

Ashley said...

You are rocking that list, Amber! Way to go! It's sure making for a busy but fun summer for you!

And you're right, it's OK if you don't do the whole list. It's a pretty big list and no one would judge you for that. If they do.. they suck. :)

Happy Hump Day, girlfriend!

Stacie said...

You go, girl! You are really making a dent in your list. Keep it up!

Sarah Kate said...

You are like wayyyy more productive than me during the summer! Way to go! I can't believe how much stuff you've got on your list. I'd be happy just to complete #40...more than once. ;o)

Amy said...

Amber!! I dont think I have eva seen a pic of you! You are adorable!

Your list is slowly becoming "been there, done that" list!! ;)

Rebecca said...

I think you totally kicked booty on your list! And who cares if you won't get to them all. You accomplished so much more than if you wouldn't have created a list at all :)

Becca @ R We There Yet Mom? said...

WOW!! That is an ambitious list!! SOunds like an incredible summer - I am super impressed at all you have done already!!


A Randomlicious Blog for the Soul said...

your list is massive!! I'm impressed at what you've accomplished already. I kind of chuckled when I saw develop your film...I didn't know people still did that :)
Why can't we just take a quick pill and lose weight? It's not fair!

Ixy said...

Um. I've done about 10 of my 50, and they were the easy ones, like "fall asleep in the sun." I'm impressed at your progress!

Ixy said...

Um. I've done about 10 of my 50, and they were the easy ones, like "fall asleep in the sun." I'm impressed at your progress!

Kate said...

Boy you are a busy bee! I'm impressed at how active you stay.

Oh, I'm totally jealous of you seeing Harry Potty twice!! Mark and I are desperate to see it. We just need a babysitter.

I can help you with the blog giveaway if you like. I'm getting items ready for my own etsy store. I was going to contact a few different blogs for a giveaway. Let me know if you are interested. :)

stephanie said...

you are doing great! you've accomplished far more than I have that's for sure

Date Girl said...

Nice list! And I can't believe you're riding a 100 miles on a bike. That alone is worth celebrating.

A day of garage sales sounds kind of fun. I should totally do this.

Sandra said...

I like that you painted your toe nails either green or yellow! I haven't even managed to paint my toe nails yet. I've got peeling polish from last winter. But the s'mores thing can totally be done, get that badboy scratched off that list...oh, and call me over when you're doing it. I might be slightly out of control around the chocolate, but I promise I won't injure anyone in my enthusiasm!