Sunday, June 26, 2011

Weekend in Review

It's been a while since I posted my Summer Wish List and I have to say that I'm generally thrilled with the response I got from it!  So many of you went ahead and made lists of your own and I think that's fantastic! I hope everyone is able to accomplish their goals, and take pictures of themselves doing it so we can all cheer you on.  It's safe to say that I worked on mine this weekend and was able to cross a thing or two off the list!

Firstly, to keep me accountable on the food front.  Some things I've been enjoying this week include...

The ever popular eggs and bacon breakfast
Berry Kix (120 calories for 1 1/4 cups!!!) and a bagel thin with low fat cream cheese for lunch
Still eating those grapes!
Fig Newton crisps
Morning Star veggie burgers on Arnold's sandwich flats

Some faults this week...
Hot dogs from our local hot dog place
BBQ from Dickey's BBQ

For those of you that don't already know, I live in New York at the eastern base of the Adirondack Park.  We don't have much in the way of BBQ that's easy to get without having to go in and sit down or over pay.  Dickey's opened up last Friday and Janette can vouch for my excitement to try this place (while mentioning she has one on EVERY corner where she lives...lucky!).  It was DELICIOUS and so hit the spot as I was craving BBQ hardcore.  I had chicken, cole slaw and fries and did have intentions of going back this weekend to try the ribs but decided against it.  It's still on my to do list!

All in all, I'd say this was a fair week.  I kept up with my exercising and completed week 2 of C25K. 

Onto other news...

No bike ride in this week.  The weather was a little too unpredictable for me, although tonight has turned out rather pleasant.  I did however come home to some HAPPY MAIL on Friday!

I completed my first successful Swap-Bot swap.  It was a Tote and a Note swap, and my tote came all the way from the UK!  The card I got in the mail was from a TOPS friend, she's a sweet lady and it made me smile to know that she was thinking about me.

On a Debbie Downer note, I think my partner for a blog swap that I signed up for flaked out. :(  I haven't heard from her or gotten a package (it was supposed to be sent out on the 17th), nor has she updated her blog since she plugged the swap.  I know that's the chance you take when you sign up, but I'd like to at least know that my package made it to her safely and that she enjoyed it.

Friday night I babysat for my favorite family for a few hours.  This family includes three girls (8, 4, 10 mos) and I have to say that as much as I love them they were a little testy Friday night, particularly the oldest.  She seems to be having attitude issues in general, and has been for a while but I hadn't really experienced it until Friday night.  Yikes, now I know what mom and dad are talking about!  I also haven't really gotten a close relationship with the infant at this point, even though I've babysat with her in the home many, many times...she's usually sleeping.  So with that said, she doesn't know me and has crazy stranger anxiety which can make things....interesting.  Needless to say Friday night was definitely a more eventful babysitting night but as always, well worth the cash and the opportunity to see my favorite family.  

Saturday was spent getting a new hair cut!  FINALLY!  I've been wanting one for a couple of weeks now, see once my hair gets too long it just get narly and gross looking.  In which I tend to just throw it back in a pony tail.  Once it hits that point, it's time for a cut.  I also made the decision to get my usual summer highlights, although I didn't want to pay for it to be professionally done, so I had my mom do it with a drug store kit (don't panic!  she's done it for me before!).  As usual, when I go to this particular hair salon, regardless of what I say, they always cut it TOO SHORT (really this is the third time in a row, I need to just stop going there).  I'm a creature of habit, I like my hair trimmed, "an inch or two BELOW my shoulders, with a touch up of the long layers and my bangs trimmed to my eyebrows".  I don't know if they think I say, "an inch or two ABOVE my shoulders" or they just choose to butcher it, but it's way way too short.  My highlights however, came out well.  I don't normally dig taking pictures of myself or posting them on my blog, but here you go (and yes they're super small because I'm the most unphotogenic person EVER):

I had my shades on because I was heading out to run, but they do a great job of hiding my dark circles.  This is what my hair used to look like (after my last haircut which was probably a good 3-4 mos ago)...

So cross that off the Summer Wish List!  Saturday night my favorite guy took me to go see...

Which I've been waiting FOREVER for.  I LOVE Cars, it's in my top 3 favorite Pixar movies, and I have the bank checks to prove it!

Anyway, after much deliberation and me constantly saying, "it's not going to rain!!!" we decided to see the flick at the drive-in!  I LOVE the drive-in.  I love it because it's super cheap ($8 for TWO movies) and the food is amazing, although I didn't have any last night.  But seriously, it's the drive-in, what's not to love?  Our particular drive-in is one of the few that still have working window speakers.  You can choose to use those or turn your car radio on:

We used the radios because SOMEONE was afraid that his battery was going to die from leaving it running so long (this only happens if you have a really old battery...not going to say it's never happened to me, but it's not a big deal if it does - they have jumpers!).  One time a couple of summers ago, someone drove off forgetting to put the speaker back and it shattered their window, they're heavy and that is definitely NOT something you want to do.

Fortunately the rain held off and it was a lovely evening.  I enjoyed the movie, but I knew I wasn't going to like it as much as the first one, although I will say that I don't think it warrants the bad reviews it's been getting.  Unfortunately, Green Lantern was the second movie playing and we chose to not stay for that.  I like comic book flicks, but Green Lantern looked lame.

As usual, my Sundays are spent lounging around and cleaning.  Seriously, my apartment is a mess, I'm such a sloppy bum.

All in all, I'd say it was a successful weekend!  I crossed a couple of things off of my list and of was enjoyable!  Next weekend is a long weekend and as of right now, I have no plans. :(  I was hoping for camping, but I don't think that'll be happening so now I'm hoping for fireworks at least!  Either way, I am soooooo looking forward to another long weekend.

I hope everyone has as enjoyable of a weekend as I did!


Kristine said...

SO jealous you went to the drive in AND watched Cars 2! I love Cars! I've only been to a drive in like once or twice and they were both while I was on vacation somewhere. I hate that I don't have one closer to where I live :(

Beth said...

Oh, I LOVE drive ins! I haven't been to one in forever. And I agree about the Green Lantern sentiment. I will totally earn enemies for saying this, but I think it's a lame superhero premise, and the movie looks just silly. Of course, I enjoyed X-Men: First Class, so maybe my opinion is null. ;)

Sounds like a great time in general, and thank you for the inspiration to make a Summer goal list! :D

Stacie said...

Boy, you sure packed it in this weekend--sounds like fun!

And boo to bad swap partners--they spoil the fun for everyone.

Stephy said...

I love your hair! Short is so fun in the summer =)
We saw Cars 2 as well this weekend & we really enjoyed it! It's always so great when they do a sequel that doesn't just suck terribly!

Connie Weiss said...

Your hair looks soooo cute!!

I'm holding out a few more weeks for my cut and color. In the meantime....I look like heck!

We saw RIO yesterday. Super cute movie.

sarajo said...

K, I don't think your hair is too short! You look good!!
My eldest is begging to see Cars 2. Maybe a mommy son date.
Mmmm, bacon. I need to keep that stuff in stock here. LOL!
Sounds like a great weekend!

Jill said...

Sounds like you had a great weekend!! I'm so wanting to go to the drive-in theatre here! We saw the new X-Men movie this weekend (which resulted in us being stranded due to floods! eek!!) but it was good too! Saw the preview for Green Lantern, I'd see it...if for no other reason than Ryan Reynolds!!! ;)

Miss Angie said...

Sounds like a great weekend, glad you got the hair cut because it's adorable, and I always feel happy after a good haircut.

Sad about the bad swapper, I hate when people do that. They suck!

Much love! Here's to a fantastic week!

Lauren said...

Drive ins are so fun and economical. Love the new haircut. I need to cut and color mine soon, but the perks of curly hair allow you to hide roots and split ends well!

Ruthie said...

Sorry about the swap, I had a really crap week in there. However, I did send your package out early this week and you should have received it today.

Ashley said...

I saw your picture you posted of summer stuff today and never saw this post. I'm so upset I missed it because i never see pictures of you! I LOVE the blonde! It looks great on you!! I hate when they cut too much off my hair and it has happened too many times. I refused to let this one girl cut my hair anymore. I went in for a "TRIM" and came out 4 inches shorter! Huff. Anyway, it was great to see a picture of you! And I love the new do!