Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Thunder and Lightning, OH MY!

You may or may not already know this, but I'm a pretty big baby.  I don't do heights, and when I say heights I mean like, you won't catch me standing on something more than two feet off the ground unless it's a solid floor (or a firetower) won't see this girl riding on any rollercoasters, ferris wheels or anything that flips upside down.  When I was in high school we did this obstacle course that required us walking across a high balance beam and climbing over uneven bars...I walked around those obstacles.  If I see someone walking a big dog on the same side of the road that I'm on, I cross over and as much as I love camping, I will never sleep in a lean to or without some kind of tent like shelter because you know...mice crawl on you when you're in a lean to, and they've viscous.

Aside from the height thing, being upside down, dogs or mice I'm pretty terrified of thunderstorms.  You see, when a thunderstorm comes rolling in (which isn't uncommon here in NY during the summer) and I'm alone in my  apartment, I'll run around to each window, close it and pull the shades.  Then, I turn on all the lights (particularly if it's dark) and put all my fan windows on the floor and turn them on.  Oh, and I play my TV as loud as tune out the thunder and all.

If it's really bad, I get into bed and hide under the covers.  I'm constantly anticipating that *crack* thunder, where there's a giant flash of light and then the sky sounds like it's splitting open.  Talk about basket case!

I also tend to lose power here at the slight gust of wind, so I get all my candles ready.  Just in case.

You people that live in the land of tornadoes or hurricanes...I don't know how you do it.  If there was ever a tornado warning for where I live (which there is once in a while, but it's really, really rare) or a hint of a hurricane or tropical storm, I don't know what I'd do with myself.  I'd be the person in the bathtub with the mattress over it.

Oh and I'd bring my cat in the tub with me too.

As you can probably guess, it's storming out here right now.  As promised I have all my lights on (lucky for National Grid), my fans are on, my TV on.  I've lost power a couple of times, but that seems to have subsided.  My toilet started bubbling which totally freaked me out and for whatever reason reminded me of the movie for Stephen King's IT - and the walls by my toilet started leaking!  That has also stopped.  Do you think I should tell my landlady??  Meh...

As much as I love the summer and as much as it pains me to say this, I'd rather have this:

Than this:

No wait I take it back...I'll just get on the phone and con someone to come over to keep me company.  If that doesn't work, well I can always go hide under the covers.


Kristine said...

haha, I'm a big baby too! I used to hate the wind because I feared a tree was going to fall on my house and kill me or my family. Now I love the wind! I DO NOT DO heights either. I get freaked out standing on a fracking chair!! I don't do roller coasters either; not because I'm scared of going upside down (I actually like that part!) but because I'm I can't breathe during the drop and it freaks me out!!
I also hate needles... I've gotten my blood drawn ONCE about ten years ago... I should probably do it again but I'm terrified.

Renegades said...

I'm terrified of heights. I however think I'd take a summer storm over the cold high drifting snow.

Amy said...

Oh... while I am NOT ready for snow, I hate tornado season here in TN.
We have had WAY too many storms here.

Hope all is well! :)

stephanie said...

I'm afraid of the dark :) most specifically being alone in the dark. or home alone in general. it doesn't go so well with the fact that the hubs is gone for 12 months at a time :(

Beth said...

I LOVE thunder and lightening storms. I've had them right on top of me before, and it's an amazing sensation. Tornadoes, I couldn't do, but storms...definitely. I envy your storms right now! Send 'em West to us. :D

P.S. Bubbly toilet probably means air in the pipes, and you might want to tell your landlady in case there's a leak in the plumbing somewhere. Hopefully not!

sarajo said...

I hate heights too. But love storms! I missed the storms we would get in Utah. Now, we just get the rain without the thunder. I wish we would get those more often.

Hope you have a good night and don't get to freaked out!

Lauren said...

I HATE storms and we have a ton in the south during springtime. The second I hear thunder or see lightning I turn on the TV to make sure there are no tornado warnings going on. I'm also very jumpy so there is no chance of me getting any sleep during a thunderstorm.

Brandy@YDK said...

i don't mind thunderstorms at all. i hate when they start talking about tornadoes though.

Brandy@YDK said...

i don't mind thunderstorms at all. i hate when they start talking about tornadoes though.

Stephy said...

I am a huge wuss when it comes to roller coasters & anything like that! No thank you! But I kind of love a nice rain storm. Granted, we don't really get terrible or dangerous thunder/lightning storms here - so I may hate THAT. But I do love the smell of rain & a nice storm. Sorry you had to be home alone & freaked out, though. That is NEVER FUN!