Wednesday, May 18, 2011

WWTK Wednesday

Thanks to four fantastic ladies (MamarazziJanetteIA and Shawn) we get to participate in the weekly fun that is We Want To Know Wednesday!  For all the stalkers nosey people out there, this gives you the opportunity to know just a little bit more about yours truly.  

I would like to add a note to say that IA did an awesome job of sending out an email to everyone with today's questions so that we could prepare posts to publish before Wednesday.  I was super pumped about this!  I was all set to curl up on the couch with my laptop and pump out this post while watching DWTS last night.  See, I put a lot of time and thought into these answers and the longer it takes me to do them the less blog hopping I get to do (since you know...I blog at work) - so I thought, "Yes! I can post it and just hop around ALL DAY Wednesday, like I do on Fridays!"  I excitedly went to my e-mail account to find that I had accidentally deleted the e-mail.... 

Better luck next week I guess.

This week's questions are brought to you by Mamarazzi!! 

{1} If you could choose a Super Power, what would it be?
I'm thinking probably the ability to fly.  See - I've never been on an airplane, and the thought of it terrifies me.  BUT!  If *I* could just soar up into the air myself...I wouldn't have to worry about sleepy pilots or faulty engines and I could go anywhere in the world, super fast.  That would be AWESOME!

{2} What would be your first frivolous purchase if you were awarded a million dollars tomorrow? (and don't say "that's not a lot of money", it sounds pretentious)
As much as I'd love to say I'd go buy a fancy car or shoes, the first and immediate thing that comes to my mind is my debt.  I'd pay it off ASAP.    Luckily that's only about $40k so that leaves me with a decent chunk of change for my cabin/lakehouse in the Adirondacks...

And then with whatever was left I would buy my mom her doublewide that she wants.  Seriously, it's what she wants, lol

{3} What would be the hardest current luxury for you to give up?
My car.  I hate my car, I bought it under pressure because I didn't have a car (my beautiful Sunfire was totaled) so I needed one ASAP for work (which was an hour away at the time plus I did heavy travelling).  As much as I hate it though, I'd be screwed without it.  There's not really any public transportation around here and although I COULD at least ride my bike to work, it'd be difficult doing shopping on a bike.  I could give up everything else easily (well - my apartment would be pretty painful), but my car, I could not.

{4} If you were given a choice between being given great wisdom and great wealth, which would you choose?
Well you could have great wisdom and be totally lazy and lack ambition.  I don't necessarily think I'm a genius, I know I'm NOT stupid (I had college professors tell me I was brilliant!  For real!), but I don't have much ambition.  I mean I have a college degree in Education and I'm not doing anything with it.  There are MULTIPLE reasons for that, but there is a percentage that can be blamed on a lack of ambition.

With that said, I'll take the wealth.

{5} I you were to be stranded on a deserted island for 100 days what 5 THINGS would you pack?

Ok - I'm no survivalist, but I do have some knowledge on survival in the woods so logistically speaking I would bring...

1) Something to start fire with, probably your basic magnesium flint is life.
2) A tent.  A good one, that will last 100 days. :P
3) Something to cook in.
4) 100 pounds of rice.
5) My guy friend who claims to know everything about outdoor survival (although I myself am about 45.3% confident in his abilities).  Because I'd be bored and I need protection.  And yes...he is a THING.

Great questions Mamarazzi!

Go on, click the button and join in on the fun!



allstarme said...

You're the only other person I know who said flying; me too!

stephanie said...

what kind of car do you drive? and I'd take wealth too :)

Brandy@YDK said...

i couldn't live without my car. for sure. and i'd really like some wealth these days.

Dee said...

I'm telling you, I'd be so screwed on that damn island! I didn't list one thing that would keep my behind alive for those 100 days lol!

VandyJ said...

I'd take Survivor Man Les Stroud with me. We'd have a very nice time surviving on our coconut filled island.

Vivienne @ the V Spot said...

I'd totally want to pay off debt too! (I still have student loans! Yipes.) Those are great things to bring to the island. :)

Megan Harmeyer said...

All men are THINGS. But, we can't kill them so we have to keep them around LOL I'd want to fly, too. Imagine how much cheaper it would be to fly yourself somewhere instead of having to buy an airline ticket?!

Connie said...

YES!! Someone else that picked The Money!!

A Randomlicious Blog for the Soul said...

I'm your stalker!
I really don't want to live without a car, but I could if I had too....just mine though I would use my husbands! LOL Flying would be AWESOME but only if could wear that outfit!

Impulsive Addict said... I'm loving the idea of flying myself every where. Less chance to wreck right? But where would I tote my hubby and my baby? Oh, and our luggage? I really want this to work out in my head. I have issues.

I chose wealth too. You can pay someone to get smart, right?

Ha! Loving your answers! Thanks for linking up!

Shawn said...

Flying would be so cool, scary maybe but way cool!

100 pounds of rice? Talk about carb over-load!

Thanks for linking up!

Ashley said...

The cabins are gorgeous! I thought about flying too! I really couldn't decide! Rice?! haha! And I think I would of picked my mom over my husband! lol don't tell him though!

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