Wednesday, April 27, 2011

We Want To Know Wednesday


GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOD MORNING BLOGLAND!  Just like last week, I'll be joining in on a link up party hosted by four lovely ladies, IA, Shawn, Janette and Mamarazzi.  Last week was the first week and I have to say it was QUITE a success!  Last I looked there were over 50 link ups!  Awesome!

So let's get down and dirty!!!

1.} What is the first thing you notice about the opposite sex? Are you an eyes or a smile person? Maybe another body part?
As cliche as it sounds, eyes are one of the first things I notice.  A nice set of eyes are important, and so is hair.  Although, not too much hair.  I'm really picky about hair.  In general I'm really picky - hence why I'm always single. 

2.} If a movie was being made about you, who would you like to see cast to play you? And would your movie be a comedy, drama, romantic-comedy, action film or a horror movie?
I'm not really sure how to answer this.  I would hate the thought of a movie being made about me because it'd be the most boring movie in existance.  What I WOULD like though is to be a commentator on a show, or have my own segment on the Today Show like Hota and Kathy Lee where they just sit around for an hour shooting the shit about random crap.  I always try to get my BFF Alison to start a YouTube channel with me consisting such nonsense, but we never follow it through to completion.  I'm positive it would equal instant stardom for us.

3.} Does your high school yearbook include a senior comment section? If so, share what you said about your future goals. Have you met those goals? If you do not have a yearbook, just share what your goals were when you were 18 and if you have met them. If you're brave enough, include your senior picture!
I don't think my yearbook had anything like that.  I don't have one to refer to though.  I hated high school so I didn't care to have anything to remind me of such a ridiculous time in my life. 
When I was 18 I wanted to go to college and get a degree in education and get a job teaching right after.  Although I did go to college and get my degree, I sit here laughing about the goal of getting a teaching job.  I don't see that happening any time soon.  I still would love to teach, but I can't afford a Master's Degree and it's the only way they'll even consider you to teach in a school in New York.  I know I could move and find a job in other states, but I'm not willing to do that, not right now anyway.  So maybe someday...but definitely not anytime in the next 5-10 years.
And never in my life would I post a high school picture on the internet.

4.} What latest trend simply baffles you?
I have an extremely simple sense of style (or lack there of).  A LOT of trends baffle me.  The one trend I hate the most, like really, intensely hate is leggings.  I just, I can't explain it, maybe it's because I'm too fat to wear them (although I see a lot of people bigger than me wear them so maybe that's NOT it) or maybe I just know I'd look ridiculous in them, but I just hate that trend.  Hate.
I also don't like the nude color phase that's in for this season.  Who wants to wear a nude color dress?  It's boring and ugly.
I do love the glitter/shimmer trend and the flower trend though!

5.} When you walk into a room how do you present yourself? Do you walk in with confidence and command the attention of others or do you slink in and do your best to go unnoticed?
I definitely do everything I can do to avoid drawing attention to myself.  I have serious self-esteem issues.  In general I feel like people are always looking at me and thinking negative stuff about what I'm wearing, how my hair looks, how fat I am or my teeth (serious overcrowding issues and no money growing up).  I know that genuinely no one gives a shit and no one is thinking about me, they've got their own shit to be concerned with and if they are looking/thinking about a girl it's probably the skinny/hot one in the room and not me, but I can't help but be paranoid about it.  I get really anxious about going into a crowded room or being in crowds.  Not to the point of having anxiety attacks or anything like that, but you'd notice if I was out at a bar with friends I'd constantly be adjusting myself or fidgiting until I was drunk enough to stop caring.

So that's it.  Go on and link up so I have something to do at work today.  Although, I've actually been busy at work the past few days which is partly why I've been slacking so much on blogging....the horror!!!


Apparently people on FB don't like when you post your dismay towards who got eliminated from DWTS 30 seconds after it's announced, something about spoiling it for people who haven't seen it yet.  WHAT ELSE AM I SUPPOSED TO DO?!  I WAS IN TEARS!  THE WORLD NEEDED TO KNOW THAT I WAS DEVESTATED ABOUT CHRIS JERICHO BEING ELIMINATED!!! 


I was SO convinced that Ralph was going home - and I'm fairly sure the only reason why he didn't is because of the fall.  That is not a reason to keep someone on the show people!!  Ahhh!!!!

I really liked Chris. :(

So anyway...I hope you all enjoy your Wednesday.  Today is my THURSDAY which is super thrilling and I can't wait for tomorrow to be over so I can enjoy my THREE day weekend!


J FAM Blog for the Soul said...

Love your post, I am so like you in a room...self esteem issues here....I always think someone is thinking something negative about me when in reality they don't care about me! And....*hanging head* I do wear leggings..and am too fat too...they are just so comfortable! I actually would NEVER wear them out in public just around the house, but I did wear them under a dress once....

VandyJ said...

I hear you on the self esteem issues. I always have the feeling that people are talking about me and it's not good stuff they are saying. It's not true, but I can't shake the feeling.

Connie said...

I think part of the reason that I'm a because I like attention. :)

I'd love to see you do some You Tube Videos!!

Sorry about DWTS. :(

Shawn said...

You're not picky you're selective. There's a difference!

No teaching jobs without a Masters? That's not required here, unless you're at a private school, they get paid more to have it but it's not a requirement.

No senior picture? Come on I shared mine!

the only thing nude I like to wear are shoes. I love a great pair of nude heels!

I think everyone suffers from some form of self esteem issues. I cross my arms and fidget a lot as well.

sarajo said...

Everyone has some sort of self esteem issues. I do to. I'd rather just sit in the back and not be noticed. And I hate small talk. I can only take, "how are you feeling" so many times before I just snap. UGH!

allstarme said...

Yeah in Florida you can definitely get a teaching job without the Masters but you just won't make as much. Anyway, good answers. Happy Wednesday.

Megan Harmeyer said...

Visiting from Mamarazzi. I like the idea of a Youtube girl-chat thing - it could be fun to watch. Totally with you on the leggings thing. It sucked the first time we really have to revisit it? Oh, and the nude trend. Ugh. It's spring - throw some color in there!!

Dee said...

I don't get the nude dresses either! Lol...

Lourie said...

I am sitting here nodding in agreement all the way through this post!! Totally. I found out who was going home last season one week before the show aired. I did it to myself by accident. But oh man was I ticked! I now am careful of what I search for while DWTS is on.;)

Impulsive Addict said...

You stay picky! It's a good trait to have. Don't you settle for someone with bad teeth and horrible hair!

What? No hs pic for our viewing pleasure? BUMMER! But I feel bad that you got a teaching degree and now can't even use it. That sucks big balls.

I can relate to self esteem issues myself. I think it's common with girls. Unless you're like Cindy Crawford. Skinny bitches. Whatev.

Thanks for linking up, Sweetness!

Johanson Family said...

Totally agree about the leggins. I haven't brought myself to EVER wear them in my life and most of the peeps I see with them are over weight with rolls on their legs... the only thing I can think is that when they aren't wearing them, they feel like their rolls are trying to escape, so they tuck them in and hope for the best... ick. Nude coloring is pretty drab...I agree totally!! :)

Emmy said...

Oh yes hair! There was this boy I met once who I totally thought was cute and flirted with most of the day but then he took his cap off- he had ugly hair and well it really kind of put out the flame for me. I had a BS in psychology and well it really is just BS as it is impossible to get a job with just a bachelors.

lynn said...

I totally get where you're coming from. I have those same self esteem issues. I'm always afraid people are looking at me, thinking I'm weird or dressed funny or whatever!

shortmama said...

I dont get the leggings either...they arent cute even on skinny people!

Miss S. said...

Ha Ha Ha-I love the DWTS spoiler on FB! That's awesome! I too don't get leggings-mostly the jeggings though. And skinny jeans really get me too.

Becca said...

You rebel you! NO Senior pic???


stephanie said...

I love that you posted a spoiler on fb- I would so accidentally do something like that myself!

Date Girl said...

I was super picky too, or I would pick the most inappropriate no commitment guys because then I could say that's why things didn't work out, because of them of course, not me. ;-)

aww come on, where are your girl balls? Senior pics are amazing! :-)

I used to have major issues with eating in public of all things. I thought people were starring at my mouth and I'd cover up my mouth when I took a bite.

Leggings suck, end of story!